Translation of literary in Spanish:


literario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪdəˌrɛri//ˈlɪt(ə)(rə)ri/


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    (figure/work/style) literario
    a literary man un hombre de letras
    • The literary utterance too creates the state of affairs to which it refers, in several respects.
    • There is an acknowledged double standard in how we view a prolific genre writer and a fruitful literary author.
    • Apart from their literary qualities, his publications were famed for a high standard of typography and binding.
    • We may admire most of the literary qualities and disapprove of only a few in the course of the novel.
    • This point can be made another way by considering Orwell's place in a growing field of literary studies.
    • Studies of Australian war reporting have been fragmentary and of varied literary quality.
    • It was only much later that the Authorized Version came to be praised for its literary qualities.
    • Our long list, short list and eventual choice of winner reflected our estimate of literary quality and nothing else.
    • For the love of all that is literary, please stop writing.
    • Is the on-line talk abstract emerging as a new literary genre?
    • Where among modern writers can you find their superiors in clearness and vigour of literary style?
    • Eventually, he found an agent after one of his short stories was published in a literary magazine.
    • By contrast, Solzhenitsyn, Tolstoy and other writers in Russia's great literary tradition fully understood this responsibility.
    • Books of educative and literary value are kept in libraries for prisoners having an academic bent of mind.
    • It is of high literary quality, showing the master's great skill at phrasing subtle ideas and word-play.
    • Having a piece selected for this anthology is perhaps the highest honour a literary magazine can receive.
    • Some of them were published in a few magazines, including some literary journals.
    • For some years I had been publishing poems in small literary magazines.
    • None of this interested Forster or, for that matter, most literary scholars of the past 25 years.
    • Yes, I do feel if Urdu has to survive as a literary language it has to increase its vocabulary.
    • This endeavor focused on folklore and history and began to unify the Ukrainian literary language.
    • Recipients range from preeminent national museums to small literary magazines that could not survive without subsidies.
    • His language is very accessible as it is closer to the speaking rather than the literary language.
    • Although it is a form of literary study, it is not a form of literary scholarship.
    • The novel also proves that literary fiction doesn't have to be elegiac in tone to be successful.
    • The contents and literary character of the Koran defy brief categorization.
    • I do not object to this accolade on the grounds that Edinburgh has little literary tradition.
    • Their goal in writing a commentary with a distinct literary concern is refreshing.
    • This is a loss for literary study and writers, as challenges by peers create and motivate new poems.
    • The second broad topic of dissension concerns the modes of analysis in literary and cultural studies.
    • Train tracks and trains themselves have long signified both real and metaphorical journeys in African American literary and vernacular culture.
    • You cannot help notice the remarkable literary, almost lyrical, quality about the work.
    • But the film medium has always had difficulty in translating effects that are quintessentially literary.
    • He is chiefly concerned with literary fiction, but the same danger exists in every other genre.
    • The prize is popularly seen as an award for a new novelists of adult literary fiction, but this is not the case.
    • Alas, the story is not only unverified but has a suspiciously literary quality about it.
    • These ideas have gained a lot of currency in the study of literary genres.
    • It could be interpreted as literary criticism - and it is certainly causing a stink.
    • The effectiveness of a cabaret song depends only partly on the literary quality of its text.
    • But few of them would make claims for the literary value of those texts.