Translation of lithographic in Spanish:


litográfico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlɪθəˈɡrafɪk//ˌlɪθəˈɡræfɪk/


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    • At Curwen Studios, Cambridgeshire, they print a lithographic poster using methods Lautrec himself would have used.
    • Not only are the prints themselves on display, but additional information has been included on the careful process of creating a successful lithographic print.
    • I was so impressed with their work, I told them I would find them a lithographic printer.
    • Their work encompasses a diverse mix of mediums and styles, from imposing colourful canvasses to intricately detailed lithographic prints.
    • In that respect, it differs from most contemporary lithographic portraits of the violinist, which show him bust-length, his piercing gaze riveted on the viewer.
    • The well-known study by Thomas Maguire, a lithographic print taken from life in 1849, was from the outset a commercial project.
    • After a six-year apprenticeship with a firm of lithographic printers he moved to London in 1900.
    • For your efforts you will also get a bonus of 23 modern lithographic prints by contemporary artists.
    • Although medieval printers produced seasonal sheets and pictures, Christmas cards were a fruit of the industrial revolution especially after Aloys Senefelder perfected lithographic printing in 1796.
    • The result is photographically reduced and printed on a lithographic zinc plate.
    • The remainder of the exhibition comprised lithographic and intaglio prints, and artists' books made by invited high profile artists.
    • The best-quality reproductions come from lithographic prints, which contain blocks of solid color.
    • They had to compete with lithographic or photo-mechanical printing techniques and were therefore well executed - sometimes in deluxe printing with such lavish techniques like mica or embossing.
    • The cells, which run on a methanol-water mixture, can be mass-produced using a lithographic process to ‘print’ the metal electrodes and catalysts onto a porous plastic film.
    • It tells the story of Europe's exploration of Egypt, accompanied by over a thousand color reproductions of old lithographic prints.
    • They signed up for two copies of the book and ordered an additional two hundred offprints of the lithographic view.
    • In the mid-1870s, a French missionary and a Chinese priest went to France and brought advanced lithographic printing to Shanghai, setting up China's first lithographic press.
    • With the Meiji period, Western lithographic or photo-mechanical printing techniques gradually replaced the old way of printing by carving woodblocks.
    • In another, he reverentially rubbed loaves of bread across lithographic stones while creating a print depicting the pieta.
    • Some hard copy materials, such as lithographic prints and oil paintings, can have many more degrees of freedom, however.