Translation of litre in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlidər//ˈliːtə/



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    • About four kilograms of pounded sorghum and eight kilograms of brown sugar are added to one hundred liters of water.
    • In an irrigated area, a litre of milk takes at least 500 litres of water to produce.
    • Campaigners say just one litre can make a million litres of fresh water unfit to drink.
    • Paul drank almost six litres of water without counting swigs taken from bottles offered along the roadside.
    • Who would care when a litre of petrol was cheaper than a litre of bottled water?
    • Before tax a litre of petrol is actually cheaper than a litre of bottled water.
    • A hydrant's minimum capacity must be 1,000 liters per minute.
    • The standard household lavatory, we are told, uses 7.5 litres of water per flush.
    • When the roof is open, boot room is 208 litres, 63 litres more than the earlier model.
    • Two 8,000 - liter water tanks are installed for use by local residents.
    • Burning fuel and debris were shoved out of the core before it was deluged with five million litres of water.
    • He drank three liters of water a day so he would not dehydrate.
    • At least 0.4 liters of diesel was needed to produce one kilogram of tea.
    • Recommendations run at about 1 liter per hour divided into 3-4 intakes.
    • You should then drink 1.5 liters per 1kg of weight lost.
    • Elephants consume around 250 liters of clean water daily.
    • The new pump should produce an additional 220,000 liters per hour.
    • He also inventoried his provisions: two burritos, one liter of water, and some candy bar crumbs.
    • The result is extrapolated to 60 seconds and reported in liters per minute.
    • He cut his tea back to one liter a day and did much better.