Translation of live wire in Spanish:

live wire

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪv ˌwaɪ(ə)r/



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    he's a real live wire es una persona llena de vida
    • James Cracknell, normally the live wire within this crew, was only just able to talk, his voice nearly gone.
    • Beatrice, our youngest, has been harder than the other three put together - she's such a live wire.
    • Despite early health problems Belinda was always the live wire of the family.
    • Lachlan Ross was again putting in well, and Adam Taylor was a live wire around the packs.
    • There is some truth to the profile of fighter pilots as, well, live wires and risk-takers.
    • A robust Kernan was taking the ball through the middle or down the wings, Stephen Clarke was linking the ball to the full forwards and McNamee was an incredible live wire with his darting runs.
    • Thomas was a real live wire, always on the go and cared about everybody, especially his brothers.