Translation of lively in Spanish:


animado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlʌɪvli//ˈlaɪvli/

adjectiveliveliest, livelier

  • 1

    (atmosphere/debate/place) animado
    (music) alegre
    (car/engine) con brío
    (account/description) vívido
    he's a lively character es un tipo de lo más animado y alegre
    • they have three lively children tienen tres niños traviesos y llenos de vida
    • lively minds read the Daily Globe la gente con inquietudes lee el Daily Globe
    • they take a lively interest in developments toman un vivo interés en el desarrollo de los asuntos
    • things are getting a bit lively around here las cosas se están poniendo un poco movidas por aquí
    • Stacy - lively, outgoing, a quick speaker with a ready laugh - earned a master's in social work.
    • The town was a lively place, buzzing with activity.
    • So, if you would like to read, or have already read, these books and are interested in having some lively discussion on their merits or demerits, contact Deirdre on the number above.
    • Grins, smiles, and laughter made the market a lively place.
    • Nine-year-old Ricky is described as a lively, active boy who loves reading, swimming, watching TV and playing computer games.
    • Nor has there been of late any lively intellectual interest in the topic.
    • In singing along, several were swept up in the lively atmosphere and boldly picked up their dinner utensils and used them as improvised musical instruments.
    • Daniella was a junior, an honor student, and a lively and cheerful girl.
    • She's very capable and, in fact, often is thought of by strangers as just an exceptional lively and uninhibited character.
    • I remember sitting and having quite a lively and animated discussion with friends a few years ago about this very subject.
    • As it happened, I had a fairly lively and animated discussion with the governor on monetary policy, my favourite hobby horse.
    • The most intellectually lively and revolutionary branch of Italian socialism was at this time the syndicalist movement.
    • The Greeks are known for their lively, outgoing nature.
    • They told a story of how a fresh-faced, lively outgoing child had descended into East London's drug underworld, which they believe cost him his life.
    • When the fast is broken, there are festive activities in a lively atmosphere.
    • The karaoke bar maintained a lively atmosphere, even at such a late hour.
    • We are obviously in slippery territory here: this is precisely what makes this discussion interesting and lively.
    • I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Village Cantina with its warm hospitality, lively atmosphere and great food.
    • But the bazaar was the only lively place in the area.
    • The atmosphere is lively, especially at the busiest times (weekdays at lunchtime and from 6pm to 11 pm).
    • She was so lively and outgoing, and was very popular.
    • And steps are being taken to create a lively atmosphere.
    • Blackpool was an extremely lively place this week.
    • The debate is lively and stimulating, and many of the exchanges are intelligent and filled with views that are argued with cool logic.
    • He was so lively and full of energy that it dawned on us that he must have been in some sort of pain for a lot longer than we had thought.
    • The Rookery is located close to London's trendy restaurants and bars and the area features a lively atmosphere.
    • It's beauty and lively atmosphere attracts visitors from all over the world, making it a thriving business and tourism centre.
    • Their different attitudes and life experiences lead to lively discussions on topics of history and philosophy, art and literature.
    • Thank you both very much for a spirited, lively, intelligent discussion.
    • Jaspan inherits a newspaper with the kind of resources a keen editor with a lively mind and a constitution tested by the fire of Fleet St would find irresistible.
    • Part of the Old Town which has been destroyed by the fire is the Grassmarket area, a lively place with a number of bars, cafes and restaurants frequented by students.
    • Older people with a lively and out-going approach to life stay healthier longer than those who have to stay home between four walls.
    • Although a lively and outgoing teenager, he lives with the effects of what his father, Greg, termed ‘subtle neurological damage’.
    • It's always a good, lively atmosphere as people unwind after the week, hang out, drink mulled wine or chilled beers, chat and dance.
    • My relationship with him has been founded upon conversation and the odd long lunch, at which there has usually been some disagreement and lively discussion.
    • A bonus is the Reading Group Companion Section at the end of the novel, featuring 10 questions sure to stimulate a lively discussion of the book.
    • A lively discussion followed about costs and convenience.
    • This is a very active dog, lively and built for endurance.
    • It was a very lively place, as the bar really is a bar.
    • Cuvier found her to have a lively, intelligent mind, an excellent memory, and a good ear for music.
    • However, it would be a foolish man who tried to dictate to three such lively and intelligent minds.
    • Over forty students discussed the future of multiculturalism at Macalester in a series of lively discussions last Saturday.
    • The best lessons are particularly lively and stimulating, with pupils responding with total concentration.
    • Ever since he broke into Alex's first team as a lively 16-year old away to Gillingham in October 2000, he has looked the part.
    • The city boasts a strong European flavor, with cobbled streets, chic restaurants and a lively atmosphere.
    • Active, lively and rugged, they make fun-loving and gentle pets.
    • He was so active, so lively before the accident!
    • Amusing a group of active, lively children may seem a daunting task for any parent or teacher who is organising a day trip or school tour.
    • If you are being encouraged to live in the town centre, then it is only because it is a lively place to be.
    • The lecture was followed by a lively discussion.
    • Despite the differences they had lively and interesting discussions about the meaning of life and death.
    • ‘Shanghai is certainly a more lively place with different attractions’ he said, explaining his decision to return.
    • He was an active and lively lad with loads of friends.
    • She is a lively little girl with blonde curly hair and sparkling eyes.
    • I'd like to thank the majority of you, regardless of your views, who contribute to the discussions in a lively and intelligent way - you add a lot to the site.
    • Police believe the death of the former Warneford School pupil who was described as a lively and cheerful girl by friends was drug-related.
    • Her eyes were blue, and just looking at them made Caroline realize that she had run into a lively, energetic girl.
    • The luxurious boutique hotel is just five minutes from Oxford Street, in an area renowned for its lively atmosphere.
    • The vacant shed in a local park may look old and dilapidated, but it could soon become a lively place of play for children if the latest in a long list of ambitious revamp plans bears fruit.
    • In spite of her age, she travels extensively and remains a very active and lively person, known for her remarkable joie de vivre.