Translation of liver spot in Spanish:

liver spot

mancha de (la) vejez, n.


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    mancha de (la) vejez feminine
    • Cataracts and liver spots don't bring moral enlightenment or spiritual transcendence.
    • Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen can remove precancers or liver spots.
    • He was about 65 years old, with pink wet eyes and liver spots.
    • The backs of his powerful hands are covered with liver spots.
    • Wrinkles are acceptable, but liver spots aren't.
    • Daily exposure to the sun can rob your hands of needed moisture and cause blotchiness and liver spots.
    • And then he smiles, a crafty, wizened grin that signals - far more than his labored breath, liver spots or thinning beard - that he is in the final throes of his tenure as president-for-life.
    • She'd noticed some liver spots on his cheeks, forehead and hands in the last few years, deep lines like streams cascading down his face, with others forming, branching off a main tributary.
    • They are not a success because they have started growing old prematurely; they exhibit liver spots, grey hair and their faces are aged and wrinkled.
    • Now that I think of it maybe that rabbit, dead but at least furry, was probably still better looking than my ugly old neighbor with his grey nose hairs and his liver spots.
    • Brown liver spots speckled his balding head, the remains of hair long since lost, in colour and quantity, brushed over in a futile attempt to regain his youth.
    • My six-and-a-half-year-old spayed dog recently developed dark spots on her belly that look similar to the liver spots that humans develop.
    • A combination of torrential rain and perpetual cold war with Spain that nearly sees us diverted to Tangiers solidifies that impression - but it's the hotel's atmospheric blend of fading empire and liver spots that's the kicker.
    • But other harmful effects, such as liver spots or deep wrinkles, appear later and worsen over time.
    • Big, dark liver spots extend back from his cheekbones to his ears. ‘Bruce called me,’ he growls. ‘Two thousand, right?’
    • Here they are - in their wrinkles, love handles, and liver spots - waiting for the reader to clothe them in their paper-doll robes.
    • The main ingredients are also used in laundry detergents to brighten colors, and in existing skin bleaching products for liver spots and scars.
    • Nothing, I tell you, can ever tear a man away from his liver spots.
    • ‘Out of the way,’ comes the rude snap of a rather obese nurse with liver spots covering her wrinkled flesh.
    • He had a frail body and liver spots covered his arms.