Translation of livery in Spanish:


librea, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɪv(ə)ri//ˈlɪv(ə)ri/

nounPlural liveries

  • 1

    librea feminine
    in livery de librea
    • the rich livery of the servants los magníficos ropajes de los criados
    • One of the first evidences that the authorities were hospitably inclined was the arrival of a smart Victoria with driver and syce in scarlet liveries, all to he kept at the Residency during the length of my stay.
    • As we walked in, a servant in livery came up to us.
    • A Berber in scarlet livery brought in a yearling bear on a chain, dragging its paws on the floor and growling.
    • It made sense to give her clothes, like a servant wearing his master's livery.
    • White trousers, sleeveless blue jacket and blue cap form part of the livery.
    • And then the bartender: He is an absolute knockout to the ladies in his gold brocade livery that would not go astray in any of Shanghais' top notch nightclubs.
    • Take the sight that greeted visitors to the seaside town of Largs last weekend, of the official Scotland team bus in all its splendid livery.
    • As president, Jefferson dressed down, but he did fit out the servants in snappy livery of blue and red cloth with silver trimmings.
    • He lead us into a large, rounded room as two men dressed in green livery passed.
    • Servants wove their way through the crowd, dressed in the palace livery and offering refreshments on platters.
    • Servants in their traditional livery continued about their tasks, sable bands about their arms in honor.
    • ‘Good afternoon,’ said a servant arrayed in the duke's navy-and-silver livery.
    • Dressed in livery, they were a common accoutrement of ladies and gentlemen of rank, but also accompanied sea captains and colonial officials.
    • A footman dressed in the burgundy livery of the Ayeleborough house was waiting for us at the train station.
    • The door swung in to reveal a handsome young guard in the full dress black and tan livery of House Domi.
    • Several servants and guards dressed in Iven liveries quickly rushed out to the carriages and directed them to the house that her parents had employed.
    • Pierre searched the pockets of his livery and pulled out three coins.
    • The whole ensemble was a uniform: no less so than the livery of the footmen or the tunics of the Guard, but merely heavier and more cumbersome.
    • She looked around for any sign of Jane or Anne, but the only person there was a page in scarlet livery.
    • I returned her parting wave just as a servant in messenger livery sprinted up to her, throwing a salute as he passed a scroll over.
  • 2

    (of aircraft, vehicle)
    colores distintivos masculine
    • The squiggly lines on the livery that depict water and mountains seem so out of place in northern Virginia.
    • The type of aircraft and the livery applied allow identification of the time frame.
    • The livery has also changed to include highly visible, white and red stickers running the width of the passenger and driver doors.
    • As we chugged across the Bosphorus we passed a school of ferries criss-crossing the straits in their livery of yellow and white.
    • In Frankfurt the plane will have its livery changed to the colours of the new owner.
    • The idea behind the competition was to design a livery with an environmental message that would encourage more people to switch from using their cars to public transport.
    • They carry the same livery, being painted, principally white, but with red and blue additions suggestive of an adaptation of the American National flag.
    • They asked me to explain why the Royal Mail is hiring trailers for mail trucks - often without our livery - when we already have hundreds of vehicles in other depots?
    • This, not very popular, livery continued for some time, but the buses began to look very grimy and in the late 1970s a variation of the former tram livery of predominantly green with cream relief was introduced.
    • To mark the centenary, the company has painted one of its single-decker buses in a gold and bronze livery.
    • The claimants object to an identical livery being used for their products if it has been reapplied by the importer even where, as here, there is no risk or damage to the drugs themselves or specific subject matter of the marks.
    • Some buses came from as far as Yorkshire, Plymouth and Kent to attend, all wearing different colour liveries and adverts.
    • In Bury, council bosses say the flags - which clip on to vehicles - would interfere with the livery of the car.
    • Customers unsure which ones are the buses provided by the firm which has been here for years only need to look out for the buses with the cream, green and yellow liveries.
    • The airline's Irish roots will continue to be reflected in the company's logo that features a blue, yellow and green Celtic design and is incorporated in the aircraft livery and staff uniforms.
    • The machine was unveiled in unbranded blue livery - the official launch will be in Zurich on 9 February.
    • They have distinctive red livery, leather seats, tinted windows and extra leg room.
    • In recent months spray painters have been on the job covering the white livery of the ships with ‘warship grey.’
    • Upon reorganisation on April 1, 1974, a stylised logo appeared along with a new livery of white with a dark green skirt and red upper deck windows and roof.
    • If appearance is all important to a startup business, is it possible they may not want 085 on their corporate livery?