Translation of livestock in Spanish:


animales (de cría), n.

Pronunciation /ˈlaɪvˌstɑk//ˈlʌɪvstɒk/


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    animales (de cría) masculine
    (cattle) ganado masculine
    • Vaccinations will only take place following a veterinary inspection of livestock.
    • Foxes cause great damage to livestock and farms in general, and as such they are considered to be a pest.
    • The government took the initiative to send seed and livestock to these farms.
    • The hunters complain that foxes are vermin and un-hunted pose a serious threat to farm livestock.
    • These movement restrictions apply to all farmed livestock within that area.
    • Traffic jams were expected because farmers were taking livestock with them.
    • It is definitely a bit more tricky for those who have extensive movements of livestock on and off the farm each week.
    • Fireworks must not be set off near livestock or horses in fields or close to barns and stables.
    • Therefore it could not be used for keeping livestock and for farming in general.
    • People would bring cattle and other livestock from all around the area to be shipped out.
    • Farmers tell him that livestock graze the sward very tightly so there is no wastage.
    • No animals or livestock were involved in the process of these sonic experiments.
    • Anyone with knowledge of livestock and pedigree cattle will appreciate their true value.
    • He then sold all his livestock and replaced them with four breeds of pedigree cattle.
    • Tissue samples from it and blood samples from other livestock on the farm are now being tested for the disease.
    • As well as farm livestock, there will be showing classes for horses, goats and donkeys.
    • The fire led to a few of the nearby farms and livestock being evacuated.
    • Some farms have security men checking to make sure that livestock in fields are safe.
    • The poor are poor because they have no assets like land, livestock or a fish pond.
    • Two of them were game farms and the rest were used to farm crops and livestock.