Translation of load in Spanish:


carga, n.

Pronunciation /loʊd//ləʊd/


  • 1

    (cargo) carga feminine
    (burden) carga feminine
    (burden) peso masculine
    she felt a load had been lifted from her se sintió como si le hubieran quitado un peso de encima
    • the airport has increased its annual passenger load el aeropuerto ha aumentado su volumen anual de pasajeros
    • I do four loads of washing a week hago cuatro lavados por semana
    • I have a heavy teaching load tengo muchas horas semanales de clase
    • the project will create a heavy administrative load el proyecto generará mucho trabajo administrativo
    • to have a load on estar pedo
    • Have you ever seen such a heavy load carried with such grace?
    • Front-pointing up endless snow slopes or carrying absurdly heavy loads can leave your calves screaming for mercy.
    • Off-road construction dumpers, which are considered dangerous by road safety experts, may be allowed to carry even heavier loads on public roads.
    • The ride and handling is on par with the class leaders, and it is very surefooted in tight road twists - even while carrying a heavy load.
    • Being the caretaker of the blues is a heavy load to carry and admittedly Guy can't do it on his own.
    • Climate and terrain can exhaust soldiers carrying heavy loads.
    • Alicia's fervent hope was that her love and support would make his painful load easier to bear.
    • It will be safer, more environmentally friendly and able to carry heavier loads, thereby allowing longer periods in the air between refuels.
    • This task is done by the women and children and their health is often severely impaired by carrying such heavy loads.
    • Longshoreman and other workers who must carry heavy loads, or who have their back bent for a long time can easily overstrain their backs.
    • You carry a heavy load, and this has weighed you down with all the horrors that humanity has to offer.
    • They are usually used to haul heavy loads or carry cargoes.
    • In other words, we should all individually carry what is our everyday load or responsibility, but where it becomes too heavy for us, we all join in and share the burden.
    • Academia remains too strong a lure but with over three years left on her study roll, will twin aspirations prove too burdensome a load?
    • Others are routinely beaten or killed for trying to escape or for being unable to carry the heavy loads put on their backs.
    • It concludes that since military service is a burden, moral considerations require that the load be shared as equally as possible.
    • Her back aches from a long journey carrying a heavy load, but her heart aches even more, from the fear that failure will expose herself and her children to hunger, thirst and disease.
    • We drove past lines of civilians carrying heavy loads.
    • The debt was a heavy load on the part of the Government whose leaders were spending sleepless nights thinking about ways and means of overcoming the problem.
    • If you require an estate car for carrying bulky loads, rather than heavy ones, the 1.4-litre petrol version is probably the one for you.
    • Women skilfully carry heavy loads on their heads.
    • Children forced to carry heavy loads suffer from constant backaches and fatigue.
    • Each fighter was carrying a heavy load, with two 110 gallon drop-tanks.
    • Larger women often are favored as brides because they appear to come from a well-to-do family that can provide a significant dowry and seem strong enough to carry heavy loads.
    • At the same time the other officers said they would share the load and take a lot of the responsibility off Jerry's shoulders.
    • Despite being only about 5ft 4in tall, the men often carry loads 15 lb heavier than a fully-loaded soldier.
    • Though some of the children however are compelled to go to the kilns and help their parents make bricks and carry the heavy load on their tender heads.
    • She carried heavy loads, moved rocks to reclaim the land, seaweed to fertilise the barren ground and turf from the bogs.
  • 2

    • 2.1(much, many)

      cantidad feminine
      montón masculine informal
      pila feminine South America informal
      I've done this loads of times esto lo he hecho cantidad / montones de veces informal
      • what a load of nonsense! ¡qué sarta de estupideces!
      • the play is a load of rubbish la obra no vale nada
      • There is a petition going around to get the back gate opened and loads of people have already signed.
      • She was the best daughter anyone could have - she was a lovely kid with loads of friends.
      • I do not support any of these commissions - I think they are a whole load of rubbish.
      • At the moment the site has loads of vacancies but not a lot else to speak of.
      • We were punished last year but we still have young hurlers with loads of skill.
      • I imagine when I go into college tomorrow, loads of people will be quoting it like mad.
      • There are loads of alcohol-related help groups and a quick call to one of them would do no harm at all.
      • When I took her back to school there were loads of children with their hair painted red or green.
      • We've got loads of ideas for things we want to do, but would welcome other good suggestions.
      • It's too easy to spend loads of cash, but also very enjoyable and extremely addictive.
      • This bush has got loads of flowers and even more buds ready to flower, we've no idea what it is yet but we love it.
      • Having these premises is really important for them because they'll be able to provide loads more services and be more of a resource for people.
      • I've been really efficient this weekend and cleared loads of things off my to do list as well.
      • We marvelled at the centre, which has clearly had loads of money pumped into it.
      • I took loads of photos and was way too slow off the mark with all of them, so here's a link to a decent picture.
      • We have schools programmes, online services and loads more.
      • So, I made loads of notes of my grievances to take into my appraisal meeting this morning.
      • My friend likes running, which is great as it's free and we have loads of great parks and roads to run on.
      • There's loads to go through, it just takes so long to do!
      • We had cable when we lived in Bradford and it gave us loads of TV access with superb quality.
      • And no there wasn't just one ticket counter there were loads.

    • 2.2

      I'm feeling loads / a (whole) load better now me encuentro muchísimo mejor
      • my room's loads bigger than hers mi cuarto es muchísimo más grande que el suyo

  • 3

    • 3.1(weight)

      carga feminine
      maximum load 15 tons peso máximo: 15 toneladas
      • You will need to rotate your wheels slightly more often as the center two wheels are likely to experience more wear than the front and rear wheels, as they will be bearing more load on average.
      • Then they pressurise the load on top of the pillar.
      • A hollow cylindrical column bearing a compressive load can fail by local buckling (kinking like a soda can).
      • Joints move and bear a load: your weight, in other words.
      • Try to avoid exercises that increase the strength of short, strong muscles and those that put an undue load on already stretched muscles, Drake says.
      • They support compressive loads arising from body weight and muscle tension and anchor one vertebral body to the next.
      • When attaching furniture or cabinets to framed walls, it is important to align the screws with the stronger internal structure that can bear a load.
      • Releasing toxins via the skin through perspiration reduces the load on both the kidneys and liver.
      • They have to bear the load when the forehead lies at the ground, hence the neck muscles become stronger.
      • With the panel construction method, the load is borne not by individual posts but by whole panels, which only need to be reinforced against buckling.
      • According to the manufacturer, the device helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries by varying work positions and reducing the load on wrists.
      • There is no rise in arterial pressure or any pressure load on the ventricle as above.
      • The sudden decrease in the water pressure during the drawdown phase reduces the load on the structure, thereby inducing a bending movement on the base of the dam.
      • A bungee retracts, while a knot on a cord through the hole limits the amount the button can be pulled out (and this bears the load when the wing is being pulled down).
      • It is possible he will be asked to drop some of the weight to ease the load on his left knee, in which he tore the ACL in 1998.
      • This apparatus allows you to place a load on the body without the instability associated with free weights.
      • If the designer wanted to create a wall that saw a sharing of loads, that is both the bricks and the blocks bearing the loads, then in his view he would have specified special ties.
      • One should avoid being overweight, because excess weight increases the load on the joints.
      • Indeed it seems so strong that you could dispense with the back stitches if the line of sewing does not have to bear a load.
      • The increased surface area of the blade puts a greater load on your leg muscles like a wet weight workout.

    • 3.2Electricity

      carga feminine
      before noun load capacity capacidad (de carga) feminine
      • If that actuator starts to move unexpectedly, it acts as a generator and the short provides an electrical load that slows the motor down.
      • Yonah has a new instruction to allow the host OS to shut down each core separately, to reduce power consumption when the load is low.
      • Customers with loads greater than 900 kilowatts can choose their electric supplier and pick a new supplier if all parties agree.
      • As he reviewed his options, he heard his utility was offering financial incentives to cut electric loads when the utility's load was peaking.
      • Changing the length of a transmission line will change the input impedance if the load isn't properly matched to the line.
      • If you must use an extension cord, use a cord that's rated for the electrical load and no longer really needed.
      • Equipment was tested at maximum loads to check peak power loads and cooling capabilities.
      • In fact, the system should be designed to permit individual modules to be taken off line for maintenance without removing the load from conditioned power.
      • Utilities need to prepare grids to handle bigger loads and to boost power from renewable sources.
      • Two fully independent AC and DC electrical systems are each capable of supplying all essential loads in case of failure the other system.
      • Facility restrooms might be a treasure trove of nonessential electric loads.
      • In general you share a transformer with several neighbors; and since you share a circuit with them, their loads will affect your electrical supply.
      • For example, deregulation is giving facilities the incentive to flatten electrical loads.
      • A high sulfur content of the fuel and high engine speeds (rated power) and loads are associated with an increase in mutagenicity of diesel exhaust particles.
      • Electricity supply must keep up with increased loads and sewerage with that ‘end’ of it too.
      • We employ a special platform to test loads on power supplies.
      • Allowing humidity to drop slightly may then cut boiler or electric loads.
      • However, we all tend to add appliances and other electrical loads after the wiring is done.
      • It should not require a minimum load, and should provide automatic crossover between voltage regulation and current regulation.
      • Con Edison needed to transfer the power load from the Leonard Street substation to Seaport without interrupting the load and causing a power outage.
      • To estimate your electrical load, total the wattage of all the equipment you'll operate at one time.
      • In these facilities, when the peak is approached, the generators are started and loads transferred.
      • In a special feature, the system prevents the simultaneous turning on or off of all glow plugs to avoid high instantaneous loads on the onboard electrical power system.
      • The reliance on daylighting and the lack of air-conditioning have greatly reduced the electrical loads.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (truck/plane) cargar
    he loaded the crates into/onto the van metió / cargó las cajas en la camioneta
    • they loaded too much work onto him lo cargaron de trabajo
  • 2

    is the camera loaded? ¿tiene rollo la cámara?
    • the gun wasn't loaded la pistola no estaba cargada
    • to load a gun (with bullets) cargar un arma (con balas)
    • to load a program (into a computer) cargar un programa (en una computadora)
  • 3

    (circuit) cargar
  • 4

    the dice are loaded los dados están cargados
    • smokers' premiums are heavily loaded las primas que pagan los fumadores sufren muchos recargos
    • the system was loaded in favor of the motorist el sistema favorecía a los conductores

intransitive verb

  • 1

    loading prohibited carga y descarga prohibidas
  • 2

    (film/bullet/camera/gun) cargarse