There are 2 main translations of loaf in Spanish

: loaf1loaf2


Pronunciation: /ləʊf//loʊf/


  • 1

    a loaf (of bread) (baked in tin) un pan de molde
    • meat loaf pan de carne
    • use your loaf! ¡usa la tusta!
    • half a loaf is better than no bread algo es algo, peor es nada
    • before noun loaf tin molde rectangular para pan
    • Baking a loaf of bread will change the way you think about food.
    • You make it, I know now, from reading the cookbook, with a loaf of stale country bread soaked in cold water, basil, a couple of roasted red peppers, a red onion and two small cucumbers.
    • In one scene the actors actually baked a loaf of bread and shared it with the audience.
    • You can't really go wrong with a loaf of wholemeal organic bread, but as much as I love the UK I find it difficult to get remarkable fresh bread.
    • I had ended up with two large bottles of water, four Granny Smiths, a loaf of granary bread and a jar of lemon curd.
    • Oh, and would you be a dear and bake a loaf of bread for tonight?
    • There is nothing as simple as baking a loaf of bread or a cake.
    • We spotted this curry chicken baked in a loaf of bread at a neighbouring table.
    • I was making a stew which would hopefully last a few days and I'd also baked a loaf of bread earlier.
    • Her face is like the top slice of a loaf of bread which is 7 days stale
    • The play centres round the baking of a loaf of challah bread, made to her father's cherished recipe.
    • She took out a loaf of rye bread and a block of cheese wrapped in more paper.
    • I made a loaf of white soda bread and a batch of cheese scones for lunch on Saturday.
    • Poor wretch, the officers tell me that he was caught robbing a loaf of bread from the basket of a wealthy Lady who had bought it.
    • Thus the outside of a loaf of bread is the crust or croûte.
    • Sooner rather than later, you really must bake a loaf of bread.
    • As the inside expands it cracks the outer shell, giving it the appearance of the crust of a loaf of bread.
    • He picked lemon pepper tuna, peaches, and a loaf of white toast bread.
    • Then on Sunday I baked myself a loaf of bread - I used a mix of white and wholemeal flour to which I added a good handful of oats.
    • We suggest the Pale Ale and, if you're hungry, a loaf of bread and garlic butter.
    • He is pragmatic about the idea of trendily shod herder kids loafing about the steppe.
    • In one canvas palace, beautiful people loafed around on pouffes, while those outside had to make do with slightly damp grass.
    • I guess she likes her male to loaf around the yard in boxers and no shirt, guzzle a beer and let off a hearty belch etc etc.
    • I actually quite admire the way teenagers loaf about.
    • The next morning you can loaf around at your pleasure, and in the afternoon there will be a demonstration of a back massage, followed by gentle exercise and some stimulating oils to prepare you for your journey home.
    • Offshore, seals loaf around on the Carracks, two rocky islets and the odd small fishing boat bounces across the surf.
    • Mat says that time saved means more time to loaf around.
    • There we were, loafing in his front room on a rainy afternoon, parents out at work in the days where you could trust your kids not to burn the house down while you're out for the day.
    • Having been brought up hearing nothing about wharfies save how they loafed around in the intervals between striking and stealing cargo, I got a rude shock when the task began.
    • It's about standing around - not loafing but spending hour upon hour on one's feet.
    • Saturday and Sunday were spent loafing around, watching movies (some good, some not so good) and awards ceremonies.
    • Had a busy week dealing with drunk rambling boyfriends (well… not plural, there was only one) celebrating St David's day and generally loafing about.
    • He sings and celebrates himself, he loafs and invites his soul.
    • Mark Twain was a frequent visitor in the early 1900s (‘the right country for a jaded man to loaf in,’ he said).
    • Only about 20 others shared in this unique experience in the screening I attended, while outside in the mall where the cinema is located thousands were window - shopping or loafing about.
    • The rest of the afternoon I have been loafing, feeling sorry for myself and surfing and playing games.
    • He has earned the right to loaf around a bit if he likes.
    • At any rate, having done a fair bit of shopping on Friday I was able to stay out of town altogether on Saturday, and just slept late and loafed around.
    • When loafing in Miami South Beach, I was transfixed by the neon-coloured art deco hotels on Ocean Drive and, each day, squeezed past laughing tourists taking photographs of one particular building.
    • It is a place to escape to for days spent loafing in hammocks, meandering among the coconut palms in the garden or idling through pulp novels on the patio, all the time lulled by the pounding surf and the relentless whoosh of the trade winds.

There are 2 main translations of loaf in Spanish

: loaf1loaf2


holgazanear, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1informal

    flojear informal
    to loaf around / about
    • he just loafs around all day se pasa el día holgazaneando / haraganeando / flojeando
    • on Sundays I usually just loaf around the house los domingos me los paso casi siempre flojeando