Translation of loan shark in Spanish:

loan shark

usurero, n.


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    usurero masculine
    usurera feminine
    agiotista masculine Latin America
    • Does a loan shark enhance his credibility by showing other debtors that one must pay up - or else?
    • Now, this book is a bit too filmic for my tastes: the hero's gimmick of imposing his personality on people by saying ‘look at me’ worked better when he was a loan shark than a Hollywood producer.
    • Bill, a nasty loan shark, lends Shane the cash he needs to cover his losses, while making it clear that if the money isn't repaid on time, Shane will suffer deeply.
    • Whereas a payday loan borrower always has the protection of declaring bankruptcy, he has no such option in the face of a surly loan shark.
    • You would have been stupid to go with a loan shark after talking with these people.
    • Most of my clients will get into trouble by gambling the money they need to live on, go to a loan shark, then they gamble that.
    • Others make frequent trips to pawn off paychecks at an interest rate a loan shark salivates over.
    • Credit card holders know that borrowing on their card without repaying in full at the end of each month is the most expensive form of borrowing available - short of approaching a loan shark.
    • A farmer who values his independence more than anything on earth loses his independence to the first loan shark who promises to make him more self-sufficient than his neighbor.
    • A loan shark may ask for 20 percent interest for 12 weeks or 60 days.
    • Instead of a bank, there is a loan shark tray that holds money to buy stolen properties that can be turned into crack houses.
    • Last time around he fought to keep the place from falling into the hands of a loan shark, after realizing the importance of the decades-old shop to the community.
    • So her solution is to get another credit card, and it goes on to a loan shark.
    • He said that the credit union had seen an end of the loan shark and the pawnbroker, who for far too long, had gripped people in poverty.
    • Well my uncle, he got into a spot of trouble, and he owed the loan shark a lot of money.
    • ‘When we started there was a lot of poverty in this country - when working class people needed a loan, they couldn't get it from a bank - they had to go to a loan shark but all of that has now changed,’ he said.
    • ‘Duh, I know what a loan shark is,’ Morgan said, smiling, turning to face her, eyes still half-closed.
    • It made borrowing more costly and it made our currency extremely vulnerable - in much the same way that borrowing from a loan shark costs more and is riskier than borrowing from a bank.
    • The rates may not seem onerous to borrowers when their only other source of credit is a loan shark.
    • Jay and Arty's mother has passed away, forcing them to live with Grandma while Dad earns enough money to pay back a loan shark.