Translation of lobotomize in Spanish:


hacerle una lobotomía a, v.

Pronunciation /ləˈbɑdəˌmaɪz//ləˈbɒtəmʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    hacerle una lobotomía a
    he was lobotomized le hicieron una lobotomía
    • But Rosemary, when she was younger, was lobotomized.
    • There is no known documentation that Farmer was ever lobotomized; and indeed, this gruesome tale may distract attention from the legitimate horrors she and other patients were subjected to, including the denial of civil rights.
    • After eight years she was scheduled to be lobotomised and her mother was persuaded to sign the relevant documents.
    • He is taken away, and when he returns, he has been lobotomized.
    • The character has been lobotomised and spends almost the entire play standing against the wall with arms raised as though nailed to a crucifix.