Translation of local authority in Spanish:

local authority

ayuntamiento, n.



  • 1

    ayuntamiento masculine
    alcaldía feminine
    municipio masculine
    • Housing associations work with the police and local authorities to secure the orders.
    • Even tattoo artists and body piercers have to be regulated with the local authority.
    • We would expect the local authorities to take account of the new Scottish Executive guidance.
    • Such legislation is understood to be the responsibility of the local authority.
    • So all rubbish should be sorted and the local authority should have it collected accordingly.
    • In a sickening move Steve was told last week that his son would be kicked out of the nursery run by the local authority.
    • New legislation means the markets can resume under licence from the local authority.
    • The system of funding for coroners is that they are funded by local authorities.
    • The levy, funded from the Council Tax, will come from all the local authorities in the region.
    • The legislation does not insist local authorities or health boards must put resources into the area.
    • It enlarges the tax base and provides more money for government and local authorities to spend.
    • So the scope of Palestinian control amounts to no more than that exercised by a local authority.
    • Bradford Council is one of the few local authorities to still keep and employ its own horses.
    • Similar rotten coalitions have taken control of at least seven other local authorities.
    • There has been a running battle where I live between local residents and the local authority.
    • If Glasgow scraps the opt-out, other local authorities are likely to follow suit.
    • The government and local authorities use public money to campaign for their policies.
    • Once the plans have been adopted by all local authorities they will be sent to the Government.
    • The Conservative governments bypassed local authorities in many policy fields.
    • Bradford Council is one of the first local authorities to publish the allowances on its web site this year.