Translation of locality in Spanish:


localidad, n.

Pronunciation /loʊˈkælədi//lə(ʊ)ˈkalɪti/

nounPlural localities


  • 1

    localidad feminine
    in the/this locality en la/esta localidad
    • The influence of these selected churchmen in the localities where they were placed cannot be underestimated.
    • Where the nuisance causes physical damage to property, however, the nature of the locality is irrelevant.
    • During 1994 jack snipe were recorded at 36 localities in the county.
    • Stolzite is poorly represented in Mexican and Central and South American localities.
    • The La Venta site has yielded fossils assignable to as many as ten genera, whereas most localities will have no more than three.
    • This locality is also the site from which Lyreidus hookeri was collected.
    • In addition, alleles from geographically distant localities often cluster together.
    • For the next fortnight the Japanese mounted attacks on the string of defended localities running along the road.
    • Today the locality in which the university is situated may not be the safest and the best in the city.
    • It has a maximum thickness of 250 m and is absent at several localities except for a continuous ironstone horizon.
    • Mist-net capture localities were positioned near bird feeders at both study sites.
    • Namibia seems to have the highest concentration of localities on the continent.
    • Western Utah is the home of one of the best-known Cambrian fossil localities in the world.
    • Tectonic settings of several localities listed in Table I are equivocal.
    • Major new mineral localities of this magnitude are rarely discovered in New England.
    • It has an alphabetical list of localities by country, starting with Argentina.
    • Even the roadsigns that mark localities or single properties must be made of granite.
    • This scramble for excellence has confirmed the benefits of cooler sites and matching locality to grape varieties.
    • Geographical coordinates and sample sizes of the localities may be obtained from the corresponding author.
    • Central American silver localities are not well represented in most collections.