Translation of locate in Spanish:


localizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈloʊˌkeɪt//loʊˈkeɪt//lə(ʊ)ˈkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (leak/fault) localizar
    (leak/fault) ubicar Latin America
    • But this inevitably leads to the problem of locating the exact place of subjectivity.
    • Bringing the pole down into a horizontal position, my right arm out behind me, locating the position of my left hand was easy.
    • As well as tracking all types of electronic transactions, it is able to reconstruct text messages months after they were sent and locate the exact position of users.
    • Every British lighthouse doesn't just flash to warn ships of hazards, but also has its own flashing pattern which allows mariners to locate their position.
    • Recovery of the buoy to which it was attached required several minutes of searching at its GPS deployment position to locate it.
    • I've got work at my current job until the end of June, so at least I've got some buffer time to locate another position.
    • Part of the wonder of this lace construction for us is the process of discovery involved in locating each figure.
    • Because forecasters always try to pinpoint the eye of the hurricane, this knowledge will help with locating the exact position and lead to better tracking.
    • It took Buff almost nine months of intensive research - a lot of it in his own time - to locate the exact spot.
    • The trajectory could then be plotted and extrapolated backwards so that its position could be located.
    • Its prime role is to measure the track geometry to locate faults such as spreading and twisting.
    • It takes two numbers to locate your position on a map, and one number to specify the distance above the map.
    • The laser sensor locates the positions of the leading and trailing edges of the tank, and the magnetic sensor provides confirmation of the position of the tank.
    • Layout on the mud mats locates the position for the templates.
    • The observer locates the position of the OP on the map.
    • In this way the nervous system locates the position at which a stimulus is acting on the body.
    • Following an unfruitful attempt to locate the exact original site, we chose a spot on Lake Champlain in the general area.
    • Although I know several swims well I will always use the plumbing rod to locate the exact positions that I want to fish.
    • It was easy for us to locate the exact location of the incident.
    • His work in this area was aimed at locating the position of enemy guns.
  • 2

    (building/business) situar
    (building/business) ubicar Latin America
    the switch is located under the seat el interruptor está / se encuentra debajo del asiento
    • The site was located in the middle of the village and was an infill development.
    • The idea of locating the bulb centrally in the space rather than on a surface was suggested by my wife who pointed out to me the fixture hanging over my typewriter.
    • But it's a good place to be, it's centrally located to Gasoline Alley and everything else.
    • The police station was located on the quiet road near the back door of Jiao Tong University.
    • At the same time, this new gallery at the Modern is centrally located just off the atrium.
    • Living in cities is more popular and the more expensive flats and apartments are centrally located.
    • The property, formerly a garage, is centrally located and convenient to all amenities.
    • One factory was centrally located and it was fed cane from neighbouring plantations.
    • The capital, Minsk, is the largest and one of the oldest cities in the region and is centrally located.
    • This can be best achieved by centrally locating critical devices in a secure data centre where possible.
    • It is one of the oldest towns in Wiltshire, and is centrally located with many famous landmarks a short distance away.
    • There are two front cupolas, and vision blocks are located centrally on both sides.
    • Under each concrete cantilevered platform canopy, there is a centrally located waiting room.
    • It will suit those seeking a centrally located house with an original layout and design.
    • The idea of the possible purchase of a Defibrillator to be centrally located in the town was met with approval.
    • The city's old Central Jail built during the British Raj was located very centrally.
    • The Academy is centrally located on Beretania and Victoria, and there is ample street parking.
    • Bank Street is centrally located and always appears to be very popular.
    • The capital, Zagreb, is centrally located but was not chosen for that reason.
    • It was located on the site of previous castles dating back to the Middle Ages on a prominent ridge above the River Ness.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    • Of interest is the fact that the major producers of cotton gins in the South did not locate in the larger towns.
    • Not only would this be unfair to the other two-thirds of New Zealanders, it is also inefficient because it would discourage businesses and people from locating in areas of lower congestion.
    • This latter provision is designed to give state governments a role in specifying where they would like business migrants to locate.
    • This could make Castlebar unattractive for some business to locate here.
    • It will offer the town a 20,000-person sewerage system, which will be a major influence for any perspective business that could be looking at locating in the town.
    • Both schemes are de-signed to act as a catalyst to create thousands of jobs and dozens of major companies have already expressed an interest in locating on the two sites.
    • Businesses locating here don't have to apply to a multitude of agencies for help, because we're the single agency.
    • It should start giving inducements that it now lavishes on businesses locating to the inner sanctums of Bradford to all outlying regions.
    • As a result, many people and businesses are now able to locate nearly anywhere they choose.
    • In relation to suitable businesses that might locate in the centre, Mr Marks said the forum has already been looking for suitable tenants.
    • On the first point, research shows that taxes are not necessarily the key factor in where people and businesses locate.
    • Look for property data to show special exemptions for new businesses that locate in new residential areas.
    • It allows significant industry to come and locate in the town and is very important in the development of our Technological Park.
    • But the sale of the site and the possibility of new businesses locating on Swindon Road could inject some much needed capital into the local economy.
    • In all the development will include six commercial units which are large enough for most business or office type projects likely to locate in the town.
    • Businesses locating at the centre will enjoy the benefits of shared facilities, for example dedicated administration desk, canteen etc.
    • The council in turn has had to deal with huge losses in rates and a preference by businesses to locate on the Laois side of Graiguecullen where rates are cheaper.
    • Business has opportunities to locate in a number of places.
    • There are many good reasons for the small independent business to locate in this area to benefit from the railway line.
    • Businesses locating in the Centres will come from different sources.