Translation of location in Spanish:


posición, n.

Pronunciation: /loʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//lə(ʊ)ˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • For Christian, as with a number of the actors, getting the chance to film on location in Newcastle represented a personal homecoming.
    • Apart from some interior scenes in the Astoria Studio, most of the film was shot on location, giving it a quasi neo-realist feeling.
    • It is only during the Christmas special - filmed on location in the Foster's actual house - that reality emerges.
    • They said it would cost too many clams to film on location.
    • The series is currently filming on location in Shropshire and at Teddington Studios.
    • Charles II was shot in the Czech Republic on location and in the studio.
    • We first went on location and filmed drivers on the street which you could call the documentary bit.
    • Promising a fresh take on any and every aspect of the media world, The Desk is filmed on location and in the studio.
    • The film was shot on location in Nablus, one of the centres of Palestinian resistance, in the summer of 2004.
    • Although the film was made in a London studio and not on location, it adeptly evokes untidy street scenes and jostling crowds.
    • Filmed on location, with natural light and a limited crew, the visual aspects of The Sunshine are equally impressive.
    • The directors shot the film on location in and around New York City, and you can almost smell the decadence and decay.
    • These days, we are aware that this city in the Czech Republic is a favored filming location for Hollywood studios.
    • I'm not saying that films shot on location are worse films.
    • Filmed on location in Egypt, the series also focuses on the story of the Ancient Egyptians, whose secrets and belongings the adventurers were so desperate to uncover.
    • New cameras had made it possible to shoot on location with natural light, making costly studio rentals unnecessary.
    • The catchline for the new programme is surprising stories from familiar places and camera crews are currently out filming on location for the series.
    • But I'm a big believer in shooting a film in its actual location, I just think it helps so much.
    • Many pictures I have shot against the wishes of the studio totally on location.
    • The four series were filmed on location with, surprisingly, Hungarian countryside standing in for the Welsh borders.
    • 1.1(position)

      posición feminine
      ubicación feminine Latin America
      we don't know the exact location of the plane no conocemos las posición exacta del avión
      • this is the ideal location for the hotel este es el lugar / el emplazamiento ideal para el hotel
      • prime/central location near the sea ubicación inmejorable/céntrica cerca del mar
      • Some houses have scenic views, others have a convenient location and many houses are beautifully presented inside.
      • In addition to these selected locations you may also contact a sales office, representative or distributor in your area.
      • If a shark eats your arm you will be able to track its location using global positioning satellites.
      • It is also a central location, and the venue is such that as soon as three of us are gathered there, we will stick out like something that sticks out a lot.
      • He has held sales and management positions in several locations in the U.S., Korea and Hong Kong.
      • Begging requires no training or education, but does require one to be physically able to get to and maintain a position in a public location.
      • Toilets and drinking water tanks will be installed at convenient locations.
      • The strength of the park district is the convenient location for ski enthusiasts.
      • Be sure to look over the program schedule included in this issue, and get yourself booked at a convenient location.
      • While the locations are convenient the shops must be geared to consumer needs which are continuing to change, he said.
      • I don't otherwise want to move: I have a large place in a convenient location with reasonable rent that allows pets, which isn't easy to find.
      • Despite its convenient location at the top of Broughton Street, this bar has never really taken off.
      • The access point should be positioned in a central location far away from metal obstacles, walls or cement columns.
      • Its isolated location and lack of convenient transportation has helped the town keep its original ancient and pristine appearance.
      • Several other characters are portrayed as living on the edge of the village, a location that reflects their position in society.
      • About half of the users now access the Internet from more than one location.
      • Portarlington, they say, is the ideal choice because of its location and geographical position.
      • When the building was positioned at its new location, it was placed atop a new concrete coal cellar and furnace.
      • They arrived at the dining hall, a squat building positioned in a central location on the school grounds.

    • 1.2Computing

      ubicación feminine
      • These images are then stored in a secret location on the computer's hard drive, which can only be accessed by the person who installed the surveillance software.
      • Both the linear and helical scan tape drives and the disk drive keep an accurate record of the location of data on the recorded media.
      • This database formed the central location of asset data.
      • The time it takes to complete this task depends on the location of the data in the memory subsystem or cache hierarchy.
      • Once the servlet is compiled, it needs to be installed in the web container in its proper location or a default servlet directory.
      • Even if you haven't subscribed to a particular feed, you can enter its location using the address bar at the top.
      • When found, the cell name label is changed to match the value in the current spreadsheet at the same location.
      • Bonnie's results fell into a broad range, due partially to variance in access speed depending on the location of the data on the disk.
      • The location of the data packet in memory is then sent to a FIFO entity associated with the appropriate output link.
      • And, we are moving the location of our website platform and e-mail lists as part of that better service.
      • Moving to a new place is hard, and moving your server to a new location or computer also is hard.
      • A file's clusters can be scattered among different locations on the hard disk.
      • We will store that metadata in a separate location from the data itself.
      • A domain name is the location of your website on the Internet.
      • In this file you have to change some parameters that specify the location where the data has to be created.
      • The RAM has a first location for storing the data signal and a second location for storing the initialization status indicator.
      • The first set of control input parameters is stored in a memory location.
      • To get started, suppose we are trying to debug a specific instruction at an address location in the kernel.
      • The location of material and access times of content gives vital clues for investigators.
      • Security experts believed these addresses contained locations from where additional code could be downloaded.

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    lugar de filmación masculine
    we were filming on location in Italy estábamos rodando los exteriores en Italia
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    • 3.1(siting)

      emplazamiento masculine
      ubicación feminine Latin America
      • The poor design of the staircase, or improper location of the deposit bins results in many students trapped at the lower level with only one stairway to go back to the upper level.
      • Ministers rejected proposals recommended earlier this year by the Office of Fair Trading to scrap regulations which control the number and location of pharmacies.

    • 3.2(discovery of position)

      localización feminine