Translation of locknut in Spanish:


contratuerca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɒknʌt//ˈlɑkˌnət/


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    contratuerca feminine
    tuerca de seguridad feminine
    • The transformer will be equipped with a sleeve and a locknut for connecting it to the junction box securely.
    • I have placed a dot of paint on the locknut and fork to match up so that mine is centered.
    • For the record, these new locknuts really do address the past concerns, and it was a snap disassembling the unit.
    • Such devices include means to inspect cables and anchorages, locknuts, or grub screws for cross arms, pivots, etc.
    • Next screw down the outer locknut and tighten them against each other just like on the other side.
    • With titanium bolts, the locknuts are plated with rhodium or silver to prevent galling and seizing of the nut to the bolt.
    • This rider should confirm that his rear hub measures at least 126 mm between the locknuts (you never know).