Translation of locomotive in Spanish:


locomotora, n.

Pronunciation /ləʊkəˈməʊtɪv//ˌloʊkəˈmoʊdɪv/


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    locomotora feminine


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    locomotive force fuerza locomotriz feminine
    • It seems that Bradford was at the cutting edge of locomotive technology in those experimental years before the First World War and would be a very interesting story.
    • It would be more than five years later, after the ‘Tom Thumb’ experiments, that steam locomotive technology would secure the company's success.
    • They manned mighty tractors, equal to compound locomotive power and had the lands deeply plowed… Crop failures were no more.
    • You must avoid the attack by using the speed of locomotive power.
    • Thus substantial space is devoted, for example, to railroads in the Civil War and to the development of locomotive power in the era from 1865 to 1900.
    • With the growth in the economy, the locomotive capacity has to be increased.
    • We prefer to use our own locomotive prowess to enjoy the countryside in all its peace and quiet and natural beauty.
    • That steam locomotive technology had climaxed at about the time the Depression started is is evidenced in the requirements for a college degree in mechanical engineering.
    • As the rocket scientists watched it boing away easily across the uneven, rugged terrain, they realized that an inflatable ball was a superb locomotive design.
    • Enunciating clearly made her lose her train of thought, and if you can't have a locomotive discussion, she thought guiltily, what's the point?
    • Without knowing the total amount of power being expended to accelerate both the locomotive and train, a reasonable estimate of locomotive power cannot be obtained.
    • ‘As people get older their locomotive abilities give up before vision and if they become confined to one room vision and hearing become relatively more important,’ he said.
    • Consequently, locomotive failure or broken bones can occur in older females, particularly those that were not developed properly as replacement gilts.