Translation of lodger in Spanish:


inquilino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɒdʒə//ˈlɑdʒər/


  • 1

    inquilino masculine
    inquilina feminine
    they take (in) lodgers alquilan habitaciones
    • Though they received a portion of their husband's salaries, sailors' wives still had to rely on various types of work such as making supplies or packing goods for the Company, or taking in lodgers.
    • Vicky's lodger, Henry, helps her efforts as she struggles to present a new stream-lined version of herself to a handsome book buyer.
    • Women earned money by washing, sewing, and taking in lodgers.
    • The maid realised that there was a good chance that she could be face to face with the room's lodger.
    • The couple were held to be living apart: their relationship was that of a landlady and lodger only.
    • Some of the early ledgers show the changing post-war society by denoting whether someone is a house-owner, lodger or servant.
    • The more downbeat and slight Lloyd, meanwhile, is the family's lodger, who, while a trifle dozy, at least brings some money into the house courtesy of his job at a local factory.
    • They have another lodger, Nemo, who is a mysterious figure: a law-writer by trade, but a self-destructive opium addict by nature.
    • Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley, the new lodger at Netherfield, fall for each other.
    • She does not like the movie her mother's lodger (and her own frustrated suitor) has, in a fit of petty spite, given her mother and her free tickets to see.
    • These lodgers, however, did not know about Gregor.
    • It's your space so you can decide what sort of lodger you want - young student, mature student, employee, male, female.
    • She wants to move another lodger in effectively relegating me to one final room in the house, my bedroom.
    • Another early lodger was the American physicist Don Page.
    • In fact, these are often the best type of lodger because they go home at weekends!
    • She also plans to get another lodger in (like we're not too cramped already) which means turfing me and my computer out of the spare room and cramming everything I own into one room.
    • Eventually it becomes clear to him that Sarah has simultaneously been carrying on a flirtation with another lodger.
    • Amy had soon rallied up all of the lodgers at Anne's boarding home.
    • There were examples of mothers who iced cakes, kept chickens, and (as with the women graduates) took in laundry and lodgers to help with finance.
    • After that, things began to change, and some of our lodgers left us to resume their former lives or to begin new ones elsewhere.

    de una habitación en una casa particular