Translation of loft in Spanish:


desván, n.

Pronunciation: /lɔft//lɑft//lɒft/


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    • 1.1British (attic)

      desván masculine
      buhardilla feminine
      ático masculine
      altillo masculine
      zarzo masculine Colombia
      loft ladder escalera del desván (/ de la buhardilla etc. ) feminine
      • The ‘new’ museum combines modern elements with remnants of the original structure in an adaptive reuse that also includes public and private office space and residential lofts.
      • My friend James got a good deal on a couple of cases of wine but the only room he had for storage was in his loft.
      • They bought the former council house and converted the loft into a bedroom for their two eldest daughters.
      • Ither's house was actually a loft in an apartment building.
      • Is there space in your garage or carport for a storage loft?
      • The second-floor loft, which used to house Plantation, their plant and flower warehouse, is for rent.
      • The inside has a sleeping loft that will sleep 4-6.
      • Whimsical designs have cropped up everywhere from downtown lofts to uptown ranch homes.
      • Beyond the ground floor, however, the transformation of the office building into lofts has taken a controversial turn.
      • Renovations of his SoHo loft in Manhattan were featured in a glowing article in Architectural Digest.
      • In the rear of a house just half a block away from my house, there was a three-garage outbuilding with storage lofts above each garage.
      • The resulting mixed-use complex has 175,000 square feet of commercial space and 171 residential lofts.
      • The top floor flat even has a modish sleeping loft overlooking the living space below.
      • The 67-unit project contains a wide variety of housing types, including two- and three-story townhouses, flats, lofts, and three single-family houses on the north end.
      • Since the bridge blocks much of the sunlight shining in the loft's direction, Brayton had to devise ways to warm the space from the inside.
      • In the past, many cottages consisted of only one or two rooms, plus a sleeping loft.
      • They will probably convert the loft and I would guess the kitchen and bathroom will be totally changed.
      • In fact, sleeping is relegated to a front room and the loft, and the bigger bunkroom space is used as an alternate living room.
      • Measures as simple as insulating lofts and switching off appliances can help to combat the problem.
      • Graham spent the bulk of his day today sorting out the junk in the garage, creating a boarded storage loft in the roof space, and separating out a couple of loads of rubbish to go to the recycling centre tomorrow.

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      pajar masculine

    • 1.3US (in warehouse)

      loft masculine
      • That space consists largely of residential blocks and light industrial space and warehousing easily converted to lofts, on the eastern side of the city.
      • In recent years, developers had considered converting the building into lofts, but a deal did not materialize.
      • The mill, with its well-cultivated catacomb charm, factory building bleakness and fancy lofts, could be described as the home of the New Leipzig School if you want to think of it in home terms.
      • The brick and the exposed duct work make this place feel like one of those trendy, oversize lofts that was converted from an old factory.
      • In 1999, after three years of construction, the old candy factory on the corner of Queen and Shaw reopened, converted into stylish and expensive residential lofts.
      • Now, warehouse-style lofts and apartments continue to attract more people.
      • She raved about how she could convert the factory space into a fabulous loft for herself.
      • Turn some of the factories into lofts using the New York limitation that only registered artists and cultural people can rent them.
      • North of the famous commercial area, the Loop, converted factory lofts now house ethnic art galleries and yuppie advertising agencies.
      • On one job we were building a loft in a large warehouse.

      espacio comercial convertido en residencia

    • 1.4(elevated area)

      galería feminine
      choir/organ loft galería del coro/órgano feminine
      • Other getaway realms include the loft and the lower level.

  • 2pigeon loft

    palomar masculine

transitive verb

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    (ball) lanzar por lo alto