Translation of lofty in Spanish:


noble, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɔfti//ˈlɒfti/

adjectiveloftier, loftiest

  • 1

    (elevated, grand)
    (aims/ideals/sentiments) noble
    (sentiments/aims/ideals) elevado
    • Over the years he admits he has at times strayed from that lofty ideal.
    • Gibson's film seems to have less lofty ambitions.
    • Just as every drop makes an ocean, one young man, who feels that it is his duty to strive for world peace, is spreading the lofty ideals of peace and harmony among the common folk.
    • Do they have the same lofty goals and aspirations as able-bodied individuals?
    • Hopefully, my fortune will assist him in achieving that lofty goal.
    • I hoped that lofty ambition alone might sneak me through to the finals.
    • A noble and lofty goal, the setup is an interesting one but the actual action is brutally difficult.
    • It's a lofty ideal and one which will probably remain in the ivory tower of newspaper journalism, but I would add one caveat.
    • However, considerable friction arose from the beginning between lofty republican ideals and the lure of distant lands.
    • The lofty ideal found many spontaneous takers.
    • To accomplish that lofty goal, Fulham must finish among the top five clubs in the much more competitive league.
    • The cottage, rebuilt in 1997 in line with the description in the poems, reminds visitors of Du's simple life and lofty ideals.
    • On the one hand it proclaims lofty ideals, and on the other it prevents disclosure.
    • It is a world where nobody aspires to anything lofty, noble, or daring, and where nobody must love another when such love is fragile, mysterious, and hard.
    • His actions have distressed the great many journalists who go to pains every day to uphold the lofty ideals of their chosen craft.
    • Our religion is too lofty, noble and humane to have such thugs and killers.
    • Some will smirk at such lofty aspirations, calling them silly, if not impossible.
    • The GGA failed to live up to its lofty and noble ideals due largely to the self-serving nature of some of its less progressive members.
    • Generation after generation of Americans has understood the lofty ideals that underlie our great Republic.
  • 2

    his lofty manner su altivez / su altanería
    • Given that organisation's lofty disdain for those of us working in the popular press, it is also very tempting to do so.
    • Unlike some of his predecessors, he never seems lofty or arrogant.
    • However, the ITA took a rather lofty and somewhat patronizing view of the abilities of independent producers.
    • Indeed, the whole of the French governing elite maintained a lofty disdain for the episode.
    • Unlike their British and American counterparts, French politicians have generally exhibited a lofty disdain for the concept of crafting an image.
    • What is occurring in this affair is a soft but highly effective form of modern ‘censorship’, that by lofty disdain and complete disregard.
    • In the years after the Second World War, American history, which had been viewed with lofty condescension in most British universities, became an increasingly popular subject.
    • What you need to cultivate here, as a composer, is an air of lofty disdain for us poor sweat-shop craftspeople down here.
    • Will the Irish media engage, or will it maintain its lofty disdain for the president and his people?
    • In particular, we should aim to follow their example and not let anything stand in the way of lofty intellectual pursuit.
    • It has inspired essays by France's lofty intellectuals.
    • There is little indication that their parents begrudged them their cultivated and hunting ways provided they evinced lofty intellectual interests.
    • As Kant remarked, this is said in a lofty, disdainful tone, full of the presumption of wanting to reform reason by experience.
    • The conversational performance bar was high - not to any ridiculously lofty intellectual setting, but higher than I am generally used to in the general course of things.
    • Tabloid journalism is a tricky subject: it tends to invite lofty condescension.
    • On no account is he an aloof, lofty person, but instead he eats and drinks with the Minjung, sometimes asking favours from them or vice versa, granting their requests.
    • A passionate nativism marched in lock step with a sense of a lofty imperial mission.
    • This is her favourite pastime as it escalates her already lofty notions of self-importance.
  • 3literary

    (mountain/spire) alto
    (mountain/spire) majestuoso literary
    (room) de techos altos
    • Giant yellow-poplars are remarkable for their lofty heights and barely tapering columnar shapes.
    • From his lofty perch atop the tallest pine at the highest point of Drangle pass, Forlon surveyed the peaceful terrain with satisfaction.
    • Yet the ballroom's lofty wood-panelled ceiling and tall seaward windows, along with an adjoining dining hall and arcaded veranda, do evoke another more gracious age.
    • Daredevil can't shoot industrial strength spider webs or soar between lofty towers.
    • Barely anyone valued the river, preferring instead to live at lofty heights that kissed the clouds, so I had been able to rent a small apartment overlooking the Effenlie.
    • I believe that this is because their view of society is as indistinct as the view of the street below from the lofty heights of a high-rise building.
    • The great hall at Union Station is lofty and magnificent - simply walking through it lifts the spirits.
    • ‘It's creepy,’ whispered Taffle, looking upwards to the halls' lofty heights.
    • Finally, Ms Earle says human rights lawyers must come down from their lofty perches.
    • From the lofty heights of Neiphin Mountain, you can view the landscape from Keenagh all the way to Easkey.
    • You still enter a lofty domed hall by a small door set in an imposing gate.
    • The Berkeley Court Hotel's opulent ballroom with its lofty ceiling, tall mirrors and huge chandeliers offers the perfect backdrop for a glamorous night.
    • The autumn sky is so lofty that I feel like roaming around the heavens.
    • The 12 girls took to the lofty heights of Lugnaquilla to participate in a sponsored walk in aid of the Special Olympics.
    • Ah, to be with those who first gazed on those lofty heights - that was golden mountaineering.
    • There are magnificent views of the whole island from this lofty perch.
    • It is a city rather than a town, that lofty, majestic cathedral ensuring its status.
    • Our lights barely reached the top of this dramatically sculpted abyss, and we sat in awe for a good ten minutes just peering up into its lofty heights.
    • She put a hand on her hip, looking down at me from her lofty height.
    • The island boasted a cluster of lofty mountains, the tallest of which the locals named Ice Peak.