Translation of logic in Spanish:


lógica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑdʒɪk//ˈlɒdʒɪk/


  • 1

    (reasoning, good sense)
    lógica feminine
    you cannot fault his logic su lógica es aplastante / impecable
    • At the heart of the process is a mysterious lack of logic.
    • Once set in motion by the Creator they continued by their own inexorable internal logic.
    • Only in retrospect can one discern some of the logic at work.
    • No doubt he will be able to apply his twisted logic to it.
    • And to take such a stance, outside of the accepted discourse of reason, means that he can't use deductive logic to defend it.
    • There is no inexorable logic dictating that the media must undermine the independence of the spheres of art and culture.
    • She was beginning to laugh a little, being painfully aware of the apparent lack of logic.
    • I think he is attacking systematic philosophies and the idea of deductive logic.
    • In this case, one can see the possibility of two sets of logic at work.
    • The position is SO lacking in logic it makes me think that the unions have sold out just like our politicians.
    • That is the primary reason and logic behind media.
    • He also claimed that when classicists applied deductive logic to these inadequate axioms they inevitably got inadequate results.
    • In my opinion they represent an end in themselves and a complete lack of professional logic.
    • I know, I know, I've written about it before, but the lack of logic irritates me to no end.
    • This production returns coherence, logic, and sanity to a masterpiece.
    • With opinions and arguments completely lacking in evidence, logic or relevance, this stuff is irresistible.
    • Whoever wishes to hold on to the distinction would need to maintain, according to his own logic, that he has always been there - a thesis which can all too easily be disproved.
    • Reason, logic, and common sense are practically a foreign language to this girl!
    • You've really fallen if you're understanding his twisted logic, a little voice in her brain pointed out.
    • Does anyone else see the faulty logic here?
    • That lacks logic, since the gap may have been larger a decade ago.
    • Thus it should be possible to use deductive logic to derive predictions from pseudoscientific hypotheses.
    • The logic of certain arguments requires that we entertain them up to a certain point.
    • You may disagree with them on the merits, but this disagreement turns on differences in moral axioms, not the other side's lack of logic.
    • Why, the logic goes, would we want independence when devolution is so bad?
    • I remember being infuriated by the injustice and lack of logic.
    • There is a lack of logic in certain passages which reveals a sense of scepticism towards determination.
    • Somehow, the unspoken logic goes, if we ignore it, it doesn't exist.
    • We also showed in our earlier studies that tobacco smuggling defies apparent economic logic.
    • However, it is not the role of a studio to question the business logic of the client.
    • The worriers are increasingly getting tangled in their own lack of logic.
    • I am apologetic here, as I do not understand your faulty logic in the aforementioned statement.
    • The lack of logic is not the only, nor the most important, finger pointed at the movie.
    • Allow me to follow the logic of your argument and see where this strategy would lead.
    • There's no logic to it, only a contagion of inferences.
    • Even some of the proposed remedies lack any real logic, including the decision to close the staff final salary pension scheme only to new entrants.
    • Marked from the outset by frivolity, it also lacks substance and logic.
    • There is precisely no logic to his reasoning at all.
    • ‘It illustrates the lack of logic that exists in current US law,’ he said.
    • These critics argue that the restriction upsets the logic we use to reason with such predictions.
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    lógica feminine
    (circuit/diagram) (before noun) lógico
    • Another capability is that the software uses logic based on available memory to break up large models.
    • Unbuffered memory refers to memory modules that do not have buffer or register logic built in.
    • USB OTG adds a small amount of additional logic, however, which allows a device to serve either as a host or peripheral.
    • Those systems range from the simple database used to collect data to the most complex systems that utilize computer logic and improve efficiency.
    • Although the number of optimisations that the mapper carries out are limited, it can cluster logic in cells to improve overall usage and perform some power minimisation.
    • The second wave is syntactic: attacks against the operating logic of computers and networks.
    • In such a PDA, DRAM cells normally are refreshed periodically by the memory controller logic present inside the CPU.
    • One way logic is different from software is that it's inherently parallel.
    • If performance parity is achieved, then moving to new core logic and memory is a non-issue, and it's easy to justify adopting those other neat new features.
    • The application server instructs the softswitch on how to complete the call according to the rules of the relevant service logic.
    • The computer program code logic is executed by the processing circuitry and is configured to generate an output signal.
    • This general approach has provided a well-engineered partitioning of the required computations across fixed and programmable logic.
    • As far as we can see, the patent doesn't explicitly refer to Flash, but it does refer to NAND gate logic, a key component of Flash memory.
    • The program's underlying logic is also now reflected in an orderly and commonsense interface which reflects this awesome program's true power.
    • Knowing algorithms, which is really the underlying piece of any logic in a computer program, is an extremely important skill for programmers.
    • To use them, however, we need to implement them in physical reality so that the gates can perform their logic actively.
    • Mac hardware today differs from PCs solely in the CPU, system logic and the motherboard they sit on.
    • A circuit embodying the present invention includes sample logic, arithmetic logic and cancellation logic.
    • Of course, CPUs, memory, core logic and motherboards have evolved substantially over the years.
    • In FireStarter's gameplay, we put a stake on worked-out balance and logic instead of scripted elements.
    • He is a member of the PRL project there, which studies computer supported logic and computational type theory.