Translation of logical in Spanish:


lógico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑdʒək(ə)l//ˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/


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    (conclusion/value/argument) lógico
    he has a logical mind tiene una mente lógica
    • it's logical that he should replace me es lógico que sea él quien me sustituya
    • What scientists frown upon is levelling arguments based on rank ignorance and logical fallacies.
    • Mathematicians, or scientists doing mathematics, then investigate the purely logical consequences of the theory.
    • A soft sigh escaped his lips as he came to the most logical conclusion.
    • He therefore thought it logical to use the pseudonym.
    • Some have even taken these arguments to their logical conclusions and have called for the end of the capital gains tax.
    • There's a logical argument behind that, but the logic is secondary to me.
    • Surely, they do not mean to do that, because such an argument is a logical fallacy.
    • With more children consuming cranberry drinks, it's only logical to expect more cranberry drink spills.
    • Diagnoses were generated according to specified and logical rules.
    • It's a good bet that there's a logical reason for your friend getting invited and not you.
    • If only rule-governed real numbers are considered, then discontinuous functions cannot be ruled out on logical grounds.
    • It would seem logical that we could expect the same results from these new technologies.
    • Being a conservative talk show host is a logical extension of his upbringing, notes Pendleton.
    • An argument is logically valid if and only if its conclusion is a logical consequence of its premises.
    • My partner read it and told me I was bottling the serious logical argument.
    • In the short term, that certainly doesn't mean abandoning the Ethical Trade launch - this is a logical brand extension.
    • His benign nihilism seems only logical within a society consumed by conflicting and destructive beliefs.
    • Lamont follows this argument through to its logical conclusion.
    • Which of the following is the most logical conclusion based on the above?
    • He emphasised it was logical to expect them to hover around the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007.
    • Why not subject them to the same questions that get directed against logical rules?
    • The subsequent breakdown seemed a quite logical consequence of history.
    • Aristotle had also dealt with this type of logical argument.
    • However, I think it is quite normal to hold two views that, if taken to their logical conclusions, really are contradictory.
    • Celebrity campaigning is a logical extension of celebrity charity work, as Princess Diana showed when she took up landmines.
    • Would that not have been more democratic, not to say far more sensible and logical?
    • I guess when you're coming with this kind of force, it's kind of logical to expect a kind of deflation quotient in the media.
    • Taken to its logical conclusion, the argument by the Petitioners would lead to absurdity.
    • Life has to be balanced and happy so when I made the conscious decision to try to keep my work and the rest of my life separate, it was the logical decision to come back up the road.
    • Thus it is logical to assume that there is something radically wrong with the muscle in a patient with asthma.
    • However it seems to me that that is a natural and logical progression of thought which could reasonably be based on the reasons advanced by the mother.
    • It is actually the logical progression from their self-titled debut.
    • Taking these conditions into consideration provided a more logical explanation for this anomaly.
    • With finite medical resources it seems only logical to manage those health problems as efficiently as possible.
    • They are all constructed according to a common logical plan.
    • As Jon might expect, I reckon the logical progression is indeed open to argument.
    • Increasing specialism is a logical extension in secondary care.
    • After this discovery, mathematicians increasingly regarded their results as logical consequences of axioms, rather than as absolute truths.
    • Allow yourself to feel the concepts in it without continually analysing the argument for consistency and logical structure.
    • It's more, as I see it, a proactive way to deal with the situation, something that's sensible and logical.