Translation of logrolling in Spanish:


amiguismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑɡˌroʊlɪŋ//ˈlɔɡˌroʊlɪŋ//ˈlɒɡrəʊlɪŋ/



  • 1

    amiguismo masculine
    camarillismo masculine
    manzanillismo masculine Colombia
    • The scramble is on to get projects onto lists for a coming logrolling of epic proportions.
    • No matter how huge the benefits are, the regulation loses, unless you can get some legislative compromise or logrolling.
    • There are just too many examples of Republican sell-outs and cop-outs and logrolling over liberty.
    • Network distribution is a game of logrolling and leverage.
    • It is also likely that developed countries will try to push for more new items in the agenda, not necessarily for their own merit, but for eventual logrolling to negotiate down counter-demands by the developing countries.
    • In game-theoretic terminology, this sets their ‘discount parameter’ to a high value and encourages political logrolling.