Translation of loincloth in Spanish:


taparrabos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɔɪnklɒθ//ˈlɔɪnˌklɔθ/


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    taparrabos masculine
    • A section of bark cloth was worn as a loincloth by men or as a waistcloth by women.
    • Women specialized in making clothing, such as ponchos, loincloths, and skirts.
    • It was a sea of horrible toga tank tops, and those double-slit skirts that resemble loincloths.
    • In the twentieth century, the men's loincloths were made of a bright red cloth obtained from the criollos (Venezuelans of mixed descent).
    • Men from the interior villages may wear only a loincloth or dress in elegant white or brightly colored robes that sweep along the ground.
    • He is teased at his new school for wearing his traditional loincloth, called a dhoti.
    • The men and young boys wore loincloths and shirts, with a few in long pants.
    • In rural areas, women commonly wear a loincloth tied around the waist, and a blouse.
    • Before European colonization, typical clothing was a loincloth for men and a skirt of natural fibers for women.
    • He wore no shirt or apron, only a large loincloth fastened to his waist by a wide leather belt.
    • Formerly, Sumu and Miskito women made loincloths and skirts from pounded tree bark or locally woven cotton.
    • Dressed in a simple loincloth, first the men shower with cold water, then clean their teeth with a small twig from the neem tree.
    • He wore a leather loincloth, fur leggings, a fur garment, a grass cape, a fur hat and leather shoes stuffed with grass.
    • A case along the back wall held five large cloths and two long, narrow loincloths.
    • He begs for food and wears only a loincloth and a cloak, shunning the townspeople and becoming a wretched figure with unkempt hair and long fingernails.
    • This latter thin man, I should say, was bronze, and six inches tall; he was also wearing a bronze loincloth and a bronze circlet of thorns.
    • Throughout the country men have, for the most part, replaced the traditional loincloth with T-shirts and dashikis.
    • I was a little puzzled why Harper came to the debate dressed only in a loincloth and carrying a sharp stick.
    • He wore a simple loincloth and more than a dozen bracelets, anklets and other assorted jewellery.
    • He wore a loincloth of dyed linen and donned a thin robe over his athletic body.