Translation of long-distance in Spanish:


que hace largos recorridos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlɒŋˈdɪst(ə)ns/


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    (truck driver) que hace largos recorridos
    (bus/train) de largo recorrido
    (runner/race) de largo recorrido
    a long-distance telephone call una llamada de larga distancia
    • Sunday will feature a long-distance race for catamarans and keelboats.
    • People who use energy efficient methods for long-distance travel obtain rewards.
    • Of course, this is an emerging nightmare for local and long-distance phone companies.
    • The temptation to become a long-distance lorry driver is still there.
    • This year's toll of four deaths is grimly shocking and raises questions about the safety of such long-distance races.
    • Midfield players are far more athletic now, resembling long-distance runners.
    • At the outset I assumed I would end up with two sprinters, two milers and two long-distance runners.
    • With long-distance travel people can be far more flexible about exactly when they travel and they can book in advance.
    • They talk about the loneliness of the long-distance runner and, with no one on hand to help or comfort her, she was a picture of isolation.
    • Federal deregulation has done the same for plane tickets and long-distance phone calls.
    • He points out that the magazine shop and snack bar are mainly used by long-distance travellers who use the National Highway.
    • We have the best record of the long-distance train operating companies and continue to provide an excellent service.
    • The TRA operates three classes of long-distance rail service and one type of electric commuter train.
    • At a few bunks on the city's outskirts, there are also resting facilities for long-distance travellers.
    • The heady aroma of diesel and agarbatti brings to mind the dash and swagger of long-distance bus and truck drivers.
    • Skinner's voice has gathered the dust of long-distance phone calls.
    • Many people do not have a car and use buses and trucks for local and long-distance travel.
    • Digger has decided to use my cell phone to make long-distance calls.
    • She switches between languages when making long-distance phone calls from work.
    • He has called for taxi operators to have a relief driver available for long-distance trips.
    • Her husband was a long-distance lorry driver operating within the United Kingdom.
    • They were barred from operating on long-distance routes, he alleged.
    • It's little wonder that fewer young men want to drive long-distance trucks.
    • Roddy himself was a long-distance lorry driver, then he moved to Edinburgh for five years.
    • The company regularly achieves the highest passenger satisfaction ratings of the long-distance operators.



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    to call long distance hacer una llamada de larga distancia
    • Anyone wishing to travel long-distance in a hurry goes by plane.