Translation of long-haul in Spanish:


de larga distancia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlɒŋˈhɔːl//ˌlɔŋˈhɔl/


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    de larga distancia
    • You may once have sat next to an accountant on a long-haul flight to Auckland.
    • The favourite long-haul destinations are Orlando, Barbados, Montego Bay, Dubai, New York and Washington.
    • He says the snacks and dishes have been selected after taking into account the needs of the long-haul flight.
    • On a long-haul flight, flight attendants warm the food for passengers' convenience.
    • He is also looking into the possibility of integrated tickets whereby you can buy a taxi ticket as part of a long-haul bus or train ticket.
    • Only long-haul truckers and holiday makers use the tolled roads.
    • The rise means that passengers on long-haul flights are now paying an extra £60.
    • Once in my seat I started to behave like a passenger on a long-haul flight.
    • Was it due to the short trip, for which we paid less than a long-haul flight?
    • This was partly offset by an increase in the cost of large jet charters for long-haul flights.
    • She said she had barely heard of the Digital Hub when a passenger on a long-haul flight from the US told her about it.
    • The long-haul flight, palm-fringed beach and the gentle surf create, after all, the one true image of the contemporary good life.
    • The move comes in the week that British Airways announced it would be increasing fuel surcharges on its long-haul flights.
    • If it's a long-haul flight I might open the laptop and do a spot of work.
    • Back in the airport, I'm far from impressed when I check in for my long-haul flight to Amsterdam.
    • It's a great way to pass time if you're ever stuck with nothing to do on a long-haul flight.
    • With the main hotel booking office badly located and poorly signposted, organising a room on the hoof after a long-haul flight could break you.
    • Sources said the pilot took action not after just one incident but on the basis of the star's behaviour throughout the long-haul flight.
    • There was a sense of freedom, that feeling you get when you sit next to someone on a long-haul flight, knowing that you don't ever have to see them again.
    • Whether it's brushing your teeth or fastening your seatbelt ready for a long-haul flight, you trust in the scientific method.