Translation of long-standing in Spanish:


antiguo, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈlɔŋ ˈˌstændɪŋ//ˌlɒŋˈstandɪŋ/


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    (grievance/enmity/relationship) antiguo
    (relationship/enmity/grievance) que viene de largo
    I have a long-standing engagement on that day ese día tengo un compromiso contraído hace mucho tiempo
    • It helps to remind us of the long-standing peace between England and France and reminds us to continue that peace.
    • Mr Beaton's family have also been long-standing members of Yorkshire's farming community.
    • The detector was designed to work on the long-standing solar neutrino problem.
    • You infuse energy and romance in long-standing relationships and rejuvenate them.
    • I say no to all invitations to travel, but honour long-standing promises to appear in London and Aberdeen.
    • Quite why the Spanish are identified with long-standing unofficial working practices escapes me.
    • The incident was believed to have arisen out of a long-standing territorial dispute between two companies.
    • If McCall has to go, then it will break a long-standing tradition in football.
    • Delia Smith has been a long-standing customer, and features the firm's eggs on the front of one of her cookery books.
    • The commercialisation of Christmas is a long-standing theme of writers like myself.
    • It seems the long-standing fashion for north European looks is now fully and officially dead.
    • We have a long-standing and vitally important relationship with the United States.
    • The firm has a long-standing relationship with Morrisons dating back more than 30 years.
    • She saw a lot of herself in my wife, who, in turn, never forgot the long-standing kindness that had been shown to her family.
    • Milk prices are the most long-standing problem and he particularly wanted support from the dairy industry.
    • They fear the change will be too stressful and that long-standing relationships with staff will be shattered.
    • It is also a sport that has a long-standing connection with Scotland.
    • Unlike trick or treat, Mischief Night is a long-standing British tradition.
    • It captures the essence of a short drink, and develops the brand without betraying its long-standing values.
    • However, quarrying is a long-standing industry, one which was there centuries before tourism.