Translation of loofah in Spanish:



Pronunciation /ˈlufə//ˈluːfə/


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    esponja para el baño que se obtiene del fruto del paste
    • She rinsed her hair and legs, quickly running a loofah over her skin.
    • A woman nips in front of you to nab a bargain loofah that would be perfect for Gran.
    • When you're fully relaxed, use a brush or a loofah and plenty of shower gel or soap to work up a lather.
    • Yousko regularly walks the streets in southern California looking for stores that sell, say, loofahs and candles, and researches the retailers on the Web.
    • When the right night arrives, I take a long bath and scrub with a loofah and fancy face scrub.
    • Exfoliate the entire body with a natural loofah.
    • This supersize moisturizing soap is attached to a grade-A natural loofah.
    • During your showers or baths this week, gently scrub your skin with a wet loofah, a natural sponge available at drugstores and natural food stores.
    • She was so adamant on showing me how to use this loofah that I couldn't get a word in edgewise to tell her I wasn't interested in loofahs at all.
    • Massage areas prone to stretch marks with a washcloth or loofah to increase circulation to the area.
    • The patient remarked that she had scratched her back with a long bathroom loofah to relieve intractable itching.
    • A lot of men are asking themselves an important question these days: should they use an exfoliating body wash or a loofah in the shower?
    • Sumiko had purchased some old-fashioned gourd loofahs, as well as an array of local beauty products.
    • If you've ever used a loofah in the shower, you've stirred up some stem cells.
    • Even using a loofah or natural brush in the shower can stimulate these receptors.
    • We wash using the old-fashioned way - a smallish tub full of water, a ladle, a loofah, soap and shampoo.
    • Thank this angel with an array of products: bubble bath, body lotion, a loofah, and all-natural perfume or essential oil.
    • Use a body brush or loofah to exfoliate your skin gently after you've been in the shower or the bath.
    • Staphylococcus aureus was found in 60% of cellulose sponges and 86% of loofahs.