Translation of look in Spanish:


mirada, n.

Pronunciation /lʊk//lʊk/


  • 1

    mirada feminine
    he shot me a look full of hatred me lanzó una mirada llena de odio
    • if looks could kill ... si las miradas mataran ...
    • she got some odd looks la miraron como a un bicho raro
    • she gave him such a look ¡lo miró de una manera ...!
    • to have / take a look at sth/sb echarle un vistazo a algo/algn
    • I bought this — let's have a look compré esto — ¿a ver?
    • let's have a look at you déjame que te vea (bien)
    • take a look and see if he's back yet mira a ver si ha vuelto ya
    • I want the doctor to take a look at you quiero que te vea el médico
    • have / take a good look at the picture fíjate bien en el cuadro
    • I had a quick look at the newspaper le eché una ojeada al periódico
    • we'll be taking a good look at our housing policy revisaremos detenidamente nuestra política de vivienda
    • I got a good look at the thief pude ver muy bien al ladrón
    • I'll have to take a long, hard look at the figures tendré que estudiar detenidamente las cifras
    • let's take a look around the cathedral vamos a echarle un vistazo a la catedral
    • a look back over the week's events un vistazo a los acontecimientos de la semana
    • Pull over to the side of the road for a closer look, and you will find these seals amiable enough to photograph.
    • One look in the mirror, two days later, and I was horrified.
    • Every now and then someone would appear, but most of them didn't want books, they wanted a photograph or a closer look.
    • I had a look in the mirror earlier, and, although you might not believe this, I was even whiter than usual.
    • He cast a quick look over his shoulder.
    • And then something happens and you stop and look, the look becomes a gaze, the gaze a stare.
    • I thought that the hem on my skirt was looking a bit frayed and decided to take a closer look.
    • He knelt down beside one of the bodies to take a closer look, and looked back up with a furrowed brow.
    • There must be scores of former tenants who would welcome a look inside before modernisation.
    • So this morning I took my binoculars into the garden to try and get a closer look.
    • He laughed at the looks directed his way for the teasing, then went upstairs.
    • He seemed on edge and nervous, returning her looks with reassuring gazes that were none too convincing.
    • That didn't stop her from sneaking looks at both Sam and Rosie as she pretended to be studying the menu.
    • During the day, if they wish, they can have a closer look behind the stage on one of the regular tours that take place.
    • We went and had a look - it appeared to be very old, but the safety pin was out so that in the interests of safety we had to cordon off the Square.
    • Perhaps you would like a closer look?
    • Security personnel had to struggle a bit to restrain those who wanted to surge forward and have a closer look.
    • Tom had brought his patrol vehicle so the children could have a closer look.
    • On the way back they'd spotted a car on a forecourt so we all had to trundle back over there for a closer look.
    • If the plants generally look good to you, pick up a few likely specimens and have a closer look.
  • 2

    (search, examination)
    have a look for my pipe, will you? mira a ver si me encuentras la pipa, por favor
    • I'll have a look under the bed miraré debajo de la cama
    • do you mind if I take a look around? ¿le importa si echo un vistazo?
  • 3

    • 3.1(expression)

      cara feminine
      with a look of despair con cara de desesperación / de desesperado
      • there was a look of absolute bewilderment on his face tenía cara de estar totalmente confundido
      • Nicola and Caden exchanged worried looks before meeting her gaze, still not believing her.
      • Sam's eyes were on her, a look of confusion on his face.
      • Stefan couldn't help but notice my look of disgust.
      • He saw his mother's look of disapproval, but chose to ignore it.
      • The two teenagers wore worried looks upon their faces.
      • To see him with such a pained worried look in his eyes; my heart gave a light twinge.
      • I looked up to the transmitter controller who had a look of complete disbelief.
      • The cynical, bored and disinterested looks on the faces of the athletes should have sent a big message.
      • Getting a laptop out on the top deck of a bus gets you some funny looks.
      • Jay nods and I see that his joking expression has been replaced with a look of sympathy.
      • I was greeted by my father's look of confusion as I finished my task.
      • I glanced at Julia to exchange a look of disgust and found a strange expression on her face.
      • Instead her sympathetic looks were directed towards his back.
      • The pleading, concerned look in his eyes overwhelmed me.
      • He cast a dirty look over his shoulder, then stopped by us.
      • She looked at Misha a little closer, and a look of pure fear crossed her face.
      • Anxious looks gave way to expressions of relief and then to quiet smiles of confidence.
      • Her parents both gave her stern questioning looks.
      • Another moan of terror brings him out of his reverie and he casts a worried look in her direction.
      • After taking a step back from him, she noticed the puzzled look crossing his face.

    • 3.2(appearance)

      aire masculine
      the house had a familiar/strange look about it la casa tenía un aire familiar/extraño
      • she has the look of her mother when she smiles se parece a su madre cuando sonríe
      • I don't like the look of his friend no me gusta el aspecto de su amigo
      • I don't like the look of the weather no me gusta cómo se está poniendo el tiempo
      • by the look(s) of things según parece
      • he's down on his luck by the look(s) of him a juzgar por su aspecto, está pasando una mala racha
      • And yes, in spite of their glowering looks and fierce demeanor, owls can be endearing.
      • Headteacher Nick Capstick will be examining the new look later today.
      • They are allowed to go in for the rustic look, like rope effect seats.
      • It has a bit of an old-fashioned look compared to some of its more dynamic rivals though, and this makes it harder to use in places.
      • It's possibly the most accurate adaptation of a comic you'll get, in terms of the visual look and the narrative style.
      • Angry householders have claimed the historic look of their community is being ruined by the removal of cobblestones.
      • So when lawn edges become overgrown and tatty, it can have an adverse effect on the look of the whole garden.
      • The game has been designed for family viewing and has the look of an animated film.
      • Mr. Scanlon is planning extensive renovations to give the premises a modern look.
      • These vintage cars and motorcycles have retained their good looks and grace, though long past their prime.
      • She worked closely with athletes to ensure that the look of a garment never hindered its performance.
      • There have been great reviews about the quality, the look and usability of our site.
      • The even better news is that bathroom accessories can be spray painted in the same colour for a co-ordinated look.
      • The building has been given a new look with two brightly coloured murals.
      • Hand-made, their creations manage to retain the natural look, texture and colour.
      • Currently I am testing out a new look for the blog which seems to be an improvement on the default template.
      • Coral, blue, brick red and yellow combine to lend a rustic look to versatile garments.
      • These kitchen accessories will add a modern look to any kitchen.
      • The seats are supremely comfortable, and the cabin has a real quality look and feel to it.
      • When the lighting is finally in place it will make a huge improvement to the look of the village.

    • 3.3Clothing

      moda feminine
      look masculine
      the sporty look la moda deportiva
      • I need a new look tengo que cambiar de imagen
      • If these looks stay in fashion for the rest of my life I will never go out of fashion.
      • The new trend for a 1950s look is creeping in, accompanied by fuller skirts and wide belts.
      • Classic monochrome style proved the look of the day, as racegoers rose to the challenge of the weather.
      • It's also worth considering the kaftan, one of the most flattering looks to emerge from gypsy chic.
      • You can experiment with trying on clothes, not to buy them, but to explore unlikely styles and looks.
      • At the month's end there was much excitement as I unveiled my new look to the world.
      • This season's hottest fashion look is judged incomplete without a trio of large, colourful brooches.
      • Tina keeps up to date with trends in nail art and promises she can do any look a customer might see in a magazine.
      • Check out these summer looks from the Replay fashion book I picked up in Barcelona.
      • Unlike mohair and go-go boots, some fashion looks never go out of style or out of season.
      • However, Kennelly says those who want to just flirt with the trend can get the look without having to splash much cash.
      • Their job is to translate these trends into a look which is up-to-the-minute, yet wearable and affordable.
      • Here, we've put together three stylish casual looks to illustrate the kinds of clothes on offer.
      • She looked good in her black trousers, but it was a casual rather than a fashionable look.
      • No fashion look becomes a trend, of course, unless it is widely adopted.
      • The March editions of Esquire, GQ and Arena are usually the fashion issues devoted to the new season's looks and trends.
      • It's a look most women over 35 would think twice about and then discard.
      • The cut is also beautiful, and the look fashionable yet sophisticated.
      • This season, the unadorned look is more in vogue than ever in France.

    • 3.4looks pl(beauty)

      belleza feminine
      she was attracted by his good looks la atrajo lo guapo que era
      • she hasn't lost her looks no ha perdido su belleza
      • Indeed given their looks, wealth and position, it is almost remarkable that none of them ever went through a wild or rebellious phase.
      • He is more famous in some quarters for his looks and fashion style than for his political programme.
      • It's commonly said that you are what you eat, and it might also be true that your looks are a direct reflection of your diet.
      • What he lacks in terms of looks, he more than makes up for with charisma.
      • With his dark curly hair and atypical looks, he was cast as Shakespeare's Richard III.
      • With her PhD in animal behaviour, natural good looks and easy way with a camera, she's a natural.
      • With his blue-eyed gaze and daredevil looks, she knew this man was a force to be reckoned with.
      • None of the guys that I had kissed before could compare in that department, nor could they compare in looks.
      • He used his looks to dazzle girls and was seeing up to four young women at one time.
      • While admired for her looks and style, the empress never enjoyed the same degree of popularity as her husband.
      • Although they're practically perfect for the roles in terms of looks and demeanor, they bring nothing to the film.
      • Becky, working as a governess, resorts to her good looks and alluring personality to move up in society.
      • He shows her as a politician who relied too much on her looks to get what she wants.
      • Disliking one's looks appears to be more of a risk factor for boys than for girls.
      • The eating disorder transformed the schoolgirl with model looks into a wasted figure and she began to suffer bone disease and kidney failure.
      • It was only after Eva started entering beauty contests that people began to notice her good looks.
      • He has the dark good looks necessary for heart-throb status but a question mark has always hung over his talent.
      • Talent and good looks rarely go hand in hand, and often when they do, it's the talent which gets elbowed into the background.
      • He envied his good looks, his talent, and the amount of attention he got.
      • Lucy was perfect, blonde hair, not a hair out of place, tall, model looks and a friendly expression.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (see, glance)
    I didn't know where / which way to look no sabía para dónde mirar
    • I looked around and saw him advancing toward me me volví a mirar / miré hacia atrás y vi que se me acercaba
    • you only have to look around (you) no tienes más que mirar a tu alrededor
    • to look away apartar la vista
    • from the tower you can look down over the whole city desde la torre se ve toda la ciudad
    • she looked down/up the street miró calle abajo/arriba
    • she looked down in embarrassment bajó la vista / los ojos avergonzada
    • look into my eyes mírame a los ojos
    • people are always looking in through the windows la gente siempre está mirando (hacia adentro) por las ventanas
    • look out (of) the window mira por la ventana
    • she looked over the fence miró por encima de la valla
    • she looked across at me miró hacia donde yo estaba
    • I waved but he just looked straight past me le hice adiós, pero no me vio
    • he looked straight / right through me me miró sin verme
    • she looked up from her book levantó la vista del libro
    • to look on the bright side of sth ver el lado bueno / positivo de algo
    • look on the bright side, nobody was hurt hay que ver el lado bueno de las cosas: por lo menos nadie se hizo daño
    • to look the other way apartar la vista
  • 2

    look! a squirrel! ¡mira! ¡una ardilla!
    • look, we can't go on arguing like this mira, no podemos seguir discutiendo de esta manera
    • (now) look here ¡escucha un momento!
  • 3

    our window looks north nuestra ventana da al norte / está orientada al norte
    • to look onto sth dar a algo
  • 4

    (search, investigate)
    have you looked under the bed? ¿has mirado debajo de la cama?
    • look and see if there's any mail fíjate a ver si hay correo
    • you need look no further no necesita buscar más
    • look before you leap mira dónde te metes
  • 5

    (aim, hope)
    to look to + inf
    • we were looking to finish by Friday queríamos / esperábamos terminar antes del viernes
  • 6

    (seem, appear)
    he looks well/ill tiene buena/mala cara
    • she looks unhappy se la ve triste
    • don't look so shocked/miserable no pongas esa cara de asombro/pena
    • she was bustling around trying to look important andaba de acá para allá haciéndose la importante
    • the two sisters look very similar las dos hermanas se parecen mucho
    • he looks like his father se parece a su padre
    • it looks like a camel parece un camello
    • he's 60, but looks 20 years younger tiene 60 años, pero aparenta / representa 20 menos
    • he looks younger than he is parece más joven de lo que es
    • you made me look a fool me hiciste quedar en ridículo
    • I wanted to look my best quería estar lo mejor posible
    • she's 40 and she looks it no puede negar que tiene 40 años
    • how does it look to you? ¿a ti qué te parece?
    • Congress looks certain to reject the motion parece que el Congreso rechazará la moción
    • it looks like rain parece que va a llover
    • he makes Tarzan look like a wimp a su lado Tarzán parece un alfeñique
    • will they stay? — it looks like it ¿se quedarán? — parece que sí / eso parece
    • to look as if / as though
    • it looks as though it's healing nicely parece que está cicatrizando bien
    • you look as though you could use a drink me da la impresión de que no te vendría mal un trago
    • you look as though you've just seen a ghost ¡ni que hubieras visto un fantasma!
    • it looks as if we're going to be on our own parece (ser) que vamos a estar solos
    • to look alive / lively / sharp espabilar

transitive verb

  • 1

    he looked me straight in the eye/face me miró a los ojos/a la cara
    • to look sb up and down mirar a algn de arriba (a) abajo
    • now look what you've made me do! ¡mira lo que me has hecho hacer!
    • look where you're going! ¡mira por dónde vas!
    • look who's here! ¡mira quién está aquí!