Translation of look after in Spanish:

look after

cuidar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (care for, protect)
    (animal/child/invalid) cuidar
    (child/invalid/animal) cuidar de
    (guest/tourist) atender
    (toy/car) cuidar
    he's old enough to look after himself ya es grandecito y puede arreglárselas solo
    • he doesn't look after himself no se cuida
    • he's just looking after his own interests solo mira por / protege sus propios intereses
    • look after yourself! ¡cuídate!
  • 2

    (keep watch on)
    will you look after Tommy for a minute? ¿me cuidas / me vigilas a Tommy un momento?
  • 3

    (be responsible for)
    encargarse de
    ocuparse de
    he looks after the shop while we're away se encarga / se ocupa de la tienda mientras no estamos