Translation of looking glass in Spanish:

looking glass

espejo, n.



  • 1

    espejo masculine
    • The reflection of her husband appeared behind her in the looking glass.
    • But in the end, when we gaze into the looking glass, we are interested in the reflections mainly because they are ours.
    • Janet looks into her looking glass, practising a number of reflections for a public audience.
    • I saw a bunch of people gyrate with pillows in front of a huge looking glass: dance practice, they call it.
    • Cate stared silently into the looking glass, not quite believing that it was her own reflection she was seeing.
    • Frankie was to blame for all of this, the one looking back at me through the looking glass.
    • Staring up, he caught his own reflection in the looking glass.
    • Yet the book is ultimately impenetrable; one of its key motifs is the convex mirror, and it is as cold and unyielding as the surface of a looking glass.
    • Glaring at his reflection in the looking glass over his bed he shook his head again, gentler this time.
    • He carelessly hid the looking glass he was carrying.
    • One would expect brilliant reflections in a looking glass owned by the marquise and depicted by Boucher, not murky half-lights.
    • Standing in front of a looking glass he examined himself.
    • Gifts of a pair of scissors or a looking glass were made to the caciques or village headmen from time to time to keep them friendly.
    • She leaned closer to the looking glass, touching her reflection with her fingertips.
    • I have only seen one other face, besides the one I see when I gaze into the looking glass, who has those eyes, and that would be my mother.
    • Cate opened her eyes and avoided looking into the looking glass placed before her.
    • I was happy with my success and handed her a small looking glass, which she looked into.
    • She was sure her friend was about to leave but instead she popped up beside her, her reflection of beauty next to Taylor's in the looking glass.
    • When all was ready, Fay looked herself over in the looking glass.
    • The mahogany-veneered looking glass of about 1780 is either English or American.