Translation of lookout in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈlʊkaʊt//ˈlʊkˌaʊt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(watch)

      before noun lookout post puesto de observación masculine
      • He had tried to persuade me to go with him, to act as a lookout for him, in return for half of what he got - but I was too afraid - I refused, thinking he'd drop the idea.
      • The storm raged all night and three lookouts were posted.
      • A lookout would ensure that no guards could surprise the craftsmen during their 12-hour shifts.
      • One minute they're playing video games, the next they're acting as lookouts for patrols of militia men.
      • Jesi was to act as a lookout for us, since he assumed she was the least psychically able of all of us.
      • While her partner acts as a lookout, she slips box after box of perfume into a bag.
      • A third man who was armed with a handgun acted as the lookout.
      • Other members of the gang acted as lookouts while one of the men walked into the office and out of the store with the cash.
      • The lookout spots a traveling party and men are dispatched to capture and bring them back.
      • He would have to get better guards and lookouts.
      • He was so severely hurt by using the brick that he decided to act as a lookout while the other man stole a television set and a PlayStation computer game.
      • Guss and Dante looked up to the tower the lookout had called from, and then out across the plains.
      • It is believed the man, who has not been named, was acting as a lookout for other workers.
      • He said the two lads acted as lookouts as he did the robbery and he gave them £400 each.
      • The boy claimed to have been acting as a lookout for his two friends, whom he said had set out to ‘beat people up’ and go ‘jacking’, a slang term for stealing cars.
      • The lookouts in the towers began to climb down but were struck down by a firestorm raining down upon them.
      • The appellant continued to act as a lookout throughout.
      • So we will still post guards, and lookouts, but we need to start cooking food for dinner.
      • The witness denied under cross-examination that she had exaggerated what she heard at the toilet or that she and the other boy had acted as lookouts.
      • We believe there was a child of five acting as a lookout, so parents need to take more responsibility for their children and make sure they know where they are.

    • 1.2Military

      vigía masculine
      the gang needs him to act as lookout la banda lo necesita para que haga de loro Chile informal

    • 1.3(place)

      atalaya feminine
      puesto de observación masculine
      • After metal detectors and searches, I was let in through two gigantic automated gates, watched from a lookout tower.
      • The steady climb and particularly the final stairway to the fire lookout might give shaky legs to those with vertigo.
      • Water slapped over the decks, rode up the windows and playfully splashed the lookout tower.
      • He and Rolf climbed down from the lookout point and onto the ground.
      • The view to port and starboard along the river from my lookout in the crow's nest was picture perfect.
      • Many hours later found me sitting in my favorite lookout spot, watching the sunlight shimmer on the water.
      • The view from the lookout was a breathtaking panorama of the harbour and the sea beyond.
      • Back on the beach, a teenage boy sat up on the lookout tower.
      • Within it are staircases and skylights that connect the main auditorium with underground classrooms, and a lookout tower which houses the museum.
      • About ten minutes further along the track there is a path to a lookout and a stone seat.
      • There she saw a bit of a lookout post in the forest… high up.
      • It begins at an easy gradient and gradually climbs to a lookout giving excellent views north and south along the coast.
      • Andree climbed down from the lookout point and walked over to Rolf and Isaac.
      • Either side of the gates was a tall lookout tower, the same colour as the walls and with a golden, cone-shaped roof.
      • It is worth stopping and looking at the view from the lookout on the right - a vista of mountains and right through to the sea at Tahunanui.
      • Then he made his way to the lookout post, with some anger in him.
      • Keiko watched patiently as the soldier one hundred metres away from their spot continued his patrol on the walls and entered the lookout tower adjoining the city walls.
      • From the lookout area, the view embraces the valley
      • From a lookout hut, we watched a royal albatross father trying hard to land, flying with slim wings three metres long in a circle, four or five times.
      • Black smoke filled the air outside and Juan watched from the lookout point with satisfaction.

  • 2

    • 2.1British (prospect)

      (no plural) panorama masculine
      (no plural) perspectivas feminine
      • A few hundred meters from the entrance, there is a fine lookout over the plain.
      • You'll see a beautiful hemlock stand, a fine lookout and acidic Bat Lake.

    • 2.2informal (concern)

      problema masculine
      that's your lookout ese es asunto tuyo
      • When a trust feels under pressure to set its own standards of political correctness from fear of an employment tribunal (self censorship) it is a bad lookout for medicine.
      • It is a bad lookout, boys - a very bad lookout. There, don't talk about it any more. I do not want to make your mother unhappy.
      • If Erik's secrets cease to be Erik's secrets, it will be a bad lookout for a goodly number of the human race!