Translation of loop in Spanish:


curva, n.

Pronunciation: /lup//luːp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(shape)

      curva feminine
      (in river) meandro masculine
      in the loop informado
      • to be in/out of the loop estar dentro/fuera del círculo de información
      • to keep sb in the loop mantener informado a algn
      • to knock sb for a loop (disconcert) dejar a algn helado / de piedra
      • I laughed at her comical expression and threw her a bright red sweater with funny loops and dots all over it.
      • The shape of the loop seems simple but in fact it is not.
      • Curve the ends around to make an oval loop, a circle wreath, or even bend it a bit to make a heart shape.
      • Tattooed on his right arm were vines that wrapped twice around in a figure-eight with a punctured heart centered in the top loop and the dollar emblem emblazoned on the bottom.
      • Rounds, loops, and crescents, she recalled Elgeran speaking of them once or twice.
      • This suggests an unconstrained loop shape, even in rather immature specimens of this form.
      • Actually the Egyptian cross known as the Ankh is the cross with a loop at the top which is the symbol for the Nile river.
      • For heating, I thought I'd get some rubber tubing and lay it in loops round the clumps of herbs.
      • The example shown above can be drawn with a single loop.
      • Play with the loop until the desired shape is accomplished
      • It's got a sun dial design on the front and this cross with a loop on the back.
      • As it tended to dry quickly, it was pinned up in intricate crosses and loops.
      • On the back, the design looked like a cross with a loop on top.
      • A loop is not a circle for it lacks symmetry, and moreover, it can have several centers.
      • The work of coding these interfaces involves making loops, splicing loops together, and nesting loops within loops.
      • Sitting in the middle of his mantelpiece was an object of gold, about eight inches tall and six wide, shaped like a cross with a loop at the top.
      • Hysteresis loop shape has been widely used to characterize magnetic properties.
      • The Western trumpet is built in the traditional shape of one long loop.
      • Such a disciplined-line differs markedly from the vibrant curves, loops, and swirls found on the earlier landscape drawings.
      • They move at the same speed running in big loops round and round with little or no hope of either getting open and or scoring.

    • 1.2(in string, cable)

      lazada feminine
      before noun loop antenna / aerial antena de cuadro feminine
      • He's holding one of the loops of the rope around the winding mechanism.
      • To construct Pieranski's knot, you fold a circular loop of rope and tie two multiple overhand knots in it.
      • She nodded and slid the black loop with the rope off her waist.
      • They knew what I was about to suggest: tie the short rope permanently to our dead tree, put a loop in the end, and hang the long ropes through the loop.
      • Thread the wire loop through the top corner eyelets and attach a necklace cord.
      • He tied a sturdy knot pulling the rope into a loop and then checked to make sure it was secure.
      • Tie knots at the vertices and stretch the thread into a simple loop.
      • I started feeling stupid and rather ashamed for getting myself in this idiotic situation - clinging tight to a swinging loop of rope too scared to carry on.
      • It was a process a bit like tying a granny knot: twisting one edge of the sausage rope into a loop, then threading the other end through, looping it, and twisting again.
      • They dropped a rope with a loop into the pit, and asked the boy to insert his hands into it.
      • One loop of rope had slipped off her right wrist.
      • He began to tie a single rope with loops, weaving it in and out of itself until it was bulky and thick; looking like it consisted of three or four ropes.
      • When using my sewing machine, large loops and tangles of thread are generated on the bottom side of the fabric.
      • Heloise held up her key ring, showing Hank the house key that was threaded on a separate loop.
      • He shooed the young steer out of his way, and back, onto firmer ground, and then spun the loop of the rope lazily, letting it swing out in an arc and settle squarely over the cow's horns.
      • Sew a decorative button or bead on one end and create a thread loop covered with yarn buttonhole stitches on the opposite end.
      • Looser fitting dresses fell from square dungaree-style tops, held up with shoulder straps which roped through little loops along the neckline.
      • It simply consists of a steel hook and a piece of rope with a loop on the end.
      • The turban was wound so that a loop of material hanging below the chin could be pulled up to cover the face.
      • The sling is simply a piece of material held as a loop in the hand.

    • 1.3(in sewing)

      presilla feminine

    • 1.4

      to loop the loop rizar el rizo
      • The technique was pretty much the same as in a Phoenix, although he had to remember that he couldn't do manoeuvres like a loop-the-loop.
      • I haven't actually seen them doing loop-the-loops yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.
      • At 10,000 feet I told him I was going to try a loop.
      • I did some snap rolls, a few slow rolls and a loop.
      • A pilot fell out of his glider during a loop-the-loop because he'd forgotten to fasten his seatbelt.
      • I did a couple of loops, barrel rolls, and my favorite, a vertical snap roll.
      • The only time he got very upset with me was when he demonstrated loops and slow rolls.
      • Barrel rolls, loops and dives featured as the three aircraft wheeled gracefully over the expanse of Sydney Harbour.
      • He wrote: ‘Soaring through the skies, doing the loop-the-loop would be my idea of heaven.’
      • Steep turns, loops, barrel rolls and wing-overs are easy and fun and slow rolls are heavy and a bit cumbersome but still great fun.
      • As he watched, the airplane performed two complete loops then one horizontal roll, and then another roll while coming toward him from south to north.
      • They were performing stunts in the air from barrel rolls, to loops.
      • I did the loop-the-loop in an Apache jet at last year's airshow so I suppose this is just taking one step further.
      • He ended his 30-minute flight with a loop-the-loop and a string of victory rolls.
      • Of course doing two loop-the-loops one after the other probably helped.
      • As he flew, Keith smiled to himself and doubled back in a loop-the-loop and flew back the way he had come.
      • The loops, bends and corkscrews, always performed in perfect formation, are a spectacular sight.
      • The most popular one is the three-day course, where pilots start off learning basic handling and aerobatic maneuvers like loops and rolls.
      • They got to the 9m stop and started doing loop-the-loops and vertical figure-eights between the bars.
      • When not doing air shows, she can be found back at the air club, teaching everything from loops and snap rolls to instrument approaches.

    • 1.5

      • Rail users and politicians have reacted with fury to the news that trains are being cut to increase reliability on the Oldham-Rochdale loop line.
      • The blazing timber yard, which is close to a main train line, brought services on the Tilbury loop line to halt as the line was closed for safety reasons.
      • Plans to build a loop line so more than one train could use the branch, longer platforms and a bridge at Freeport have been shunted aside indefinitely by the Government's Strategic Rail Authority in a financial freeze.
      • But the London to Birmingham railway bypassed it in 1838, and a loop line to Birmingham was only established in 1872.
      • A Network Rail spokeswoman said one wagon in the middle section of the train derailed on a freight loop line, knocking the front of the train onto the main line and damaging a set of points.

  • 2

    • 2.1(circuit)

      circuito cerrado masculine
      lazo masculine
      • When any charged particle is rotating, it behaves like a current loop with a magnetic moment.
      • In the current simulations the external loops remain unstructured under all conditions examined.
      • Solenoids also supply voltage to the glow coil and are part of the electrical loop.
      • The circuit includes a feedback loop that adjusts the output signal so that the lower voltages are chopped at a reference voltage input into the driver.
      • When you pick up a handset it generates a loop current in the circuit.

    • 2.2Computing

      bucle masculine
      • With the exception of the HD demo loops, all programming is identical.
      • As we saw last month, intelligent use of custom actions means creating our own mini-language, with its own loops, conditionals and variables.
      • The core of the proposed data analysis methodology consists of iterating an elementary loop of model building until a satisfactory result is obtained.
      • Since programs often execute the same loops and subroutines over and over, the translation cache is very effective.
      • One last tip I'd like to offer is using loops from the command line.

    • 2.3Cinema Audio

      bucle masculine
      • These programs ranged from short, silent video loops to interactive computer stations.
      • Many of the songs sound like rehashed versions of oldies while the band also indulges in experiments with tape loops and minimalist restrictions.
      • As part of an exhibit about the Jewish holocaust, the museum had a Nazi propaganda film going on continuous loop.
      • The video, shown as a continuous loop, begins quietly.
      • They were playing HDTV loops of saturated colored landscapes and the entire room would change color every few seconds, from all the backlights.
      • The menu is a continuous loop of a deleted scene from the film.
      • It's an endless loop of videos interspersed with adverts.
      • It's like watching a short film on endless loop.
      • There have been between five and eight people reviewing two ten second loops of tape almost continuously for two days.
      • In a tape loop in the living-room installation, she projects the image of an old television on two kitschy landscapes.
      • The film itself is on a continuous loop that makes it difficult to tell beginning from end.
      • Machine noises, tape loops, squeals, screams and almighty levels of static all covered every second of their music.
      • The protagonist's state of mind is manifested through extreme film loops and continually recurring sound motifs.
      • He would record it on a cassette, then copy it and copy it, making in effect multiple tape loops.
      • Tape loops, samples, piano and the odd vibraphone take these songs away from the usual acoustic fare in favour of quirkier, yet still emotional, folk pop.
      • There are fading red chrysanthemums in a vase, a red fish swimming in a bowl, a video monitor with a continuous loop of these many red things and more.

    • 2.4British (contraceptive)

      espiral feminine
      dispositivo intrauterino masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    loop the wool haz una lazada con la lana
    • I looped the dog's lead over the post enganché la correa del perro en el poste
    • to loop one's 'l's hacer las eles con rulito

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (plane) rizar el rizo
  • 2

    (road) serpentear