Translation of loss in Spanish:


pérdida, n.

Pronunciation /lɔs//lɑs//lɒs/


  • 1

    (of possessions, jobs, faculties)
    pérdida feminine
    heat/energy loss pérdida de calor/energía
    • the ship sank with the loss of 21 lives el naufragio se cobró 21 vidas
    • the coup was carried out without loss of life el golpe se llevó a cabo sin que hubiera que lamentar víctimas / sin derramamiento de sangre
    • if she does leave, she'll be no great loss no se pierde nada con que se vaya
    • it's their loss not mine son ellos los que salen perdiendo / los que se lo pierden
    • they were filled with a keen sense of loss sintieron un gran vacío
    • Any job losses will be dealt with through collective bargaining and on a voluntary basis.
    • In good years, profits from the second half more than cover losses from the first half.
    • In later proceedings it was held that the applicant had not in fact suffered such losses.
    • Critics lost no time in dissecting the losses these terms entailed for the city.
    • They have admitted the financial crisis could mean more job losses and ward closures.
    • Many firefighters at a local level will want to confront the cuts and job losses.
    • It has a reserve built up from past profits that has so far coped with losses.
    • The bank did not say how many job losses the branch closure programme would entail.
    • Both had posted losses throughout the session, but stabilized near the close.
    • Farmers hoped to send their animals to early slaughter to avoid financial losses.
    • His own school is facing job losses as it is in the process of moving from two forms of entry to one.
    • He fears that the morale of the county will be unable to cope with further job losses.
    • I would like to transfer the business into a clean company that will not show heavy losses.
    • Post Office chiefs insist drastic action is needed to stem huge financial losses.
    • The reason for the possible job losses is possible barrack closures at the Garrison.
    • If a company has no directors, customers cannot take action to recover their losses.
    • She said there would have to be job losses, but no decision had yet been made from which areas of the trust.
    • He is now under fire for the losses suffered and the subsequent hit to the company's dividend.
    • Profit warnings announced earlier in the year are now feeding through into job losses.
    • The closer you are to retirement the harder it will be to make up the losses.
  • 2

    • 2.1Business Finance

      pérdida feminine
      the company made a huge loss la compañía sufrió grandes pérdidas
      • I made a loss of $100 on the deal perdí 100 dólares en el negocio
      • a tax loss una pérdida desgravable

    • 2.2(in insurance)

      pérdida feminine

  • 3

    • 3.1euphemistic (bereavement)

      pérdida feminine euphemistic
      the loss of a dear one la pérdida de un ser querido
      • Nothing can replace this loss, and our grief is ever before us.
      • The centre now offers a group program dealing with grief and loss as well as training for men wishing to be involved in community work.
      • The reading as well as the writing of poetry can help people suffering from grief and loss.
      • There would be an immense sense of grief and loss, thoughts of what might have been and cannot now be.
      • We are all subject to the pain of loss, grief, sadness and even plain disappointment.
      • You should be careful of people's deeply felt grief and sense of loss before you dismiss them as selfish cynics.
      • Then who speaks for those whose grief, loss and suffering is not known to us?
      • The process of conflict resolution requires the equal acknowledgement of the grief and loss of others.
      • The large crowds at the funeral ceremonies reflected the sense of loss and grief felt throughout the neighbourhood.
      • We have all experienced some psychological trauma, loss or grief.
      • Several of her poems are marked by pain, a sense of loss and nostalgia.
      • How are we to make sense of our shock and grief and loss in Phil's death?
      • Doesn't this invalidate people that are feeling other things such as grief, sadness, loss, anger right now?
      • Everyone feels a sense of loss and grief, only some feel it harder than others.
      • Can you say something about your poems being so preoccupied with grief and loss, and the suffering brought to you by the suffering of another person?
      • All parents who have lost children at any age or in any circumstances and who feel the pain of loss and grief are welcome to attend.
      • She sniffed, and sighed from grief of her terrible loss of home and friends already.
      • The pain of loss and grief of the relatives of those killed has been widely covered and is sometimes too painful to bare.
      • She highlighted very eloquently the pain and loss of personal grief.
      • What is it that makes us think we have the right to view other people's pain, loss and grief?

    • 3.2losses pluralMilitary

      bajas feminine