Translation of loss-leader in Spanish:


artículo de gancho, n.


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    (producto que se vende con pérdida para atraer clientes) artículo de gancho masculine
    • He added: ‘For supermarkets, fuel can be a loss-leader and so it's part of their marketing strategy that they do this.’
    • And I wanted to predict that one day telecom firms will offer one of their services for free as a loss-leader.
    • They could sell bread at €10c a loaf as a loss-leader, just to get customers in the door.
    • The supermarket uses this brand to hold the mass market with a small number of loss-leaders and without losing the middle to high end of the market.
    • Making use of cheaply available material, they provided a loss-leader service aimed at Europe as a whole rather than the UK.
    • In order to encourage ongoing patronage of a particular store, loss-leaders tend to be products that consumers buy frequently.
    • In all these cases, the cheap loss-leaders are prominently publicized.
    • As is commonplace in many retailing environments, Wal-Mart and other mass-market discounters sell some products as loss-leaders.
    • Many of the compact discs sold by the store are sold as loss-leaders to attract consumers to buy other products.
    • Supermarkets use bread as a loss-leader - prices are kept lower than the cost of production to attract customers.
    • German shops aren't allowed to sell goods below cost, so the retailing giant can't use loss-leaders to lure shoppers - a favored tactic in the U.S. and Britain.
    • To them, selling music is a loss-leader to help them sell consumer electronics.
    • A spokesman says the loss-leader model isn't an option for the company.
    • They use CDs as loss-leaders, selling below cost.
    • Coupons can also be a loss-leader that brings people into the store for the coupon price but allows you to possibly sell them other items that they may need at your regular price.