Translation of lot in Spanish:


Pronunciation /lɒt//lɑt/


  • 1

    (large number, quantity)
    • 1.1

      a lot of wine mucho vino
      • a lot of people mucha gente
      • he has a lot of nieces/nephews tiene muchas sobrinas/muchos sobrinos
      • I've got a lot to do tengo mucho que hacer
      • there wasn't a lot I could do yo no podía hacer mucho
      • a lot of the book is boring gran parte del libro es aburrida
      • I've seen a lot of her recently la he visto a menudo últimamente
      • quite a lot of money bastante dinero
      • what a lot of books/photos you've got! ¡cuántos libros/cuántas fotos tienes!
      • what a lot of fruit/cheese you've bought! ¡cuánta fruta/cuánto queso has comprado!
      • such a lot of fuss over nothing! ¡tanto lío por una tontería!
      • I knew quite a lot of the answers yo sabía muchas de las respuestas
      • "I don't think a lot is happening with that, particularly around here, " she noted.
      • I told you last night, I've got a lot on my mind.
      • There is lots I have that I want to get off my chest in an effort to move on.
      • There is however a lot we could do to encourage respect for the law.
      • The crew walked out amid lots of cheers and, frankly, some deep-rooted fears.
      • There is a lot he can do to make life difficult for a candidate he has deliberately chosen to lobby against.
      • She knows she still has a lot to learn, but she clearly understands now what dancing is all about.
      • But, yes, I learned a lot of stuff that I had no idea about.
      • And a lot depends upon, of course, what the time schedule is.
      • There is a lot she misses about home, like soap operas, cosy carpets, her favourite clothes shops and quality cottage cheese.
      • I think a lot has changed regarding Brian and the staff.
      • We learn a lot of stuff through confidential means, for a start.
      • We're in a lot of trouble.
      • Children and teens who sometimes eat a lot don't necessarily have binge eating disorder.
      • Add to this lots of audience participation and you've got a colourful, memorable and interactive children's show.
      • Of course there's lots you can do that doesn't cost a thing.
      • This proves to be a busy and happy day with lots of fun and plenty of work too.
      • There is not a lot the local authority can do if people are not willing to provide them with information.
      • Also, they expect lots of crowds to show up for the burial ceremony.
      • I think that means a lot of attention being given to education.

    • 1.2

      as adverb a lot mucho
      • I like her a lot me cae muy bien
      • a lot better/worse/bigger mucho mejor/peor/más grande
      • thanks a lot! ¡muchas gracias!

    • 1.3lots pluralinformal

      how many seats are there left? — lots ¿cuántos asientos quedan? — muchos
      • I've got lots to do tengo mucho que hacer
      • lots of people liked it a mucha gente le gustó
      • there were lots and lots of people there había muchísima gente
      • as adverb I feel lots better now me siento muchísimo mejor
      • Voters are seen as a strange and volatile lot, who could turn bad at the blink of an eye.
      • We have plenty of videos and I'm sure you lot can come up with something to entertain yourselves.
      • It seemed that this group was a trusting lot, happy to accept that I was Richard without any kind of proof.
      • It was inactive virtually after the second lot of partnership money was invested.
      • We need to reclaim choice from this sorry lot, and put a bit of self-determination back on the agenda.
      • Like all young guys, I'm sure they did things they wished they hadn't, but they were a responsible lot.
      • Incredibly, this second lot of inmates are even more tedious and uninteresting than the first.
      • They are asked to fill out some forms, then bureaucrats come around and ask them to fill out more forms, so people fill out several lots of different forms.
      • Some politicians feel artistes are a foolish lot, which is not the case.
      • The second lot of butter is important, as it will be less cooked and therefore more delicious.
      • When I die you lot can have anything you want.
      • What she must have made of us lot - we got more uproarious as the evening progressed.
      • Us lot will be dragged off into an underground lab somewhere and we'll never be seen again.
      • With one home-schooled student, eight public school kids, and a competitor from a parochial school, the students are a diverse lot.
      • At the moment you have one lot of people handling income tax and another set, in fact one set per council, handling council tax.
      • I have just finished my fourth lot of antibiotics for a nasty cold I contracted in March this year.
      • What rubbish would you have to tune into on another channel to avoid the sight of us lot in action on the telly next June?
      • There is lots of drek out there from signed bands and this lot do quite a bit with what they have.
      • The country's tragedy is that most of its modern leaders are a corrupt, feudal lot.
      • Apologise that if it wasn't for me then you lot would still be buzzing round like wingless flies.
      • I made my way back to the clinic at 11 to have a second lot of blood taken, and explained what had happened.
      • It seems an excellent challenge and one that I feel you lot would relish too.
      • Either way, give me this lot over a bunch of monosyllabic scowlers any day.
      • We had a lot of mail from you lot about the wisdom of mixing phones and petrol stations.
      • On the pitch, off the pitch, if you had seen us lot, you may have thought we are not serious.
      • You lot who claim to like these little sour cherries are having a laugh aren't you?
      • I tottered home happily yesterday with nine books and will return for a second lot soon.
      • Even in hyper-liberal Seattle, bloggers tend to be a decidedly conservative lot.

  • 2

    • 2.1(group, mass of things)

      montón masculine
      pila feminine

    • 2.2informal (group of people)

      they're a funny lot son gente rara
      • come on, you lot! ¡vamos, vosotros!

    • 2.3(esp British) the lot(all)

      they ate the lot se lo comieron todo (or se las comieron todas etc.)
      • £2 each or £18 the lot dos libras cada uno o 18 libras por todos

  • 3

    (at auction)
    lote masculine
    • Forty of 46 lots sold, and two new artist auction records were established.
    • The second lot is a collection of 302 photographs, purchased for £2,500, from Emily Shackleton's family album.
    • In smaller operations, your opportunity to view the lots in the auction may be limited to an hour or two before the auction begins.
    • Aside from the wide range of various artists' prints here, the 306 lots of this sale were drawn from her private collection.
    • In total, there are nearly a thousand lots up for auction with every conceivable item utilised in both the running and the upkeep of the hospital appearing on the for sale list.
    • The edition was among 450 lots in a sale of fine arts and manuscripts at Sotheby's.
    • In the absence of a printed catalogue, experts sometimes also introduced the lots verbally during auctions.
    • In the first sale there are four lots of interest to collectors of Irish art.
    • The 150-acre site is being sold at public auction in five lots on June 25.
    • In all the sale extends to 800 lots, ranging across plant, machinery, tools, office equipment, furniture and computers.
    • It was one of 391 lots at the auction, of which 199 were items of furniture.
    • Sotheby's has offered renderings through its online auctions and occasionally includes lots in live sales.
    • The massive hoard, more than 5,000 items, has been broken up into a few hundred lots for auction on Tuesday.
    • But triumph turned to dismay when he learned that the archive was to be split up into 137 separate lots for auction at Christie's.
    • They took part in a tombola, an auction - with lots donated by local businesses - and a raffle to help raise money for the cause.
    • It is notable, for instance, that the recent silver sale at Bonhams had just half the number of lots of the 2003 sale.
    • Among the highlights of the event will be an auction of 250 lots on Friday evening provided by Martin Donnelly.
    • All the lots in this auction were quality tools, covering a wide variety of trades.
    • It is expected to take four auctioneers seven hours to sell off 1,000 lots to people bidding via the web, by phone and in person.
    • Parts of that department were now laid out in crates on the car deck, lots to be sold off in the auction.
  • 4

    • 4.1(parcel of land)

      terreno masculine
      solar masculine
      film lot plató masculine
      • It was sheer luck that I stumbled upon an abandoned corner of the school's back lot which was hidden by bushes and trees.
      • The air smells of smoke from the campfires of squatters who live on vacant lots, next door to software executives and movie stars.
      • She's tired of calling Public Works to get someone to clean vacant lots or haul away abandoned cars that line nearby streets.
      • Signs on vacant lots are legal if you have the owner's permission, but not on public right-of-ways.
      • Then we come to the present situation where there are only six lots which are vacant and we look at the sales that are attracted there.
      • They should also take care of maintaining vacant lots.
      • At the first land sales he was able to buy four town lots including the site of his hotel for $125.00.
      • You see them all over New York - narrow vacant lots with the outlines of the old building etched on the walls of its neighbors.
      • The study excluded commercial properties and vacant lots from being part of the study sample.
      • Valleywood is the name that various builders dealt with when building lots on the lands were sold.
      • When land is divided up into smaller parcels and lots, Sherwonit says, it threatens the park's integrity.
      • As we developed the process to convert vacant lots to urban farm sites, supporting the local economy was a central theme.
      • Some houses have boarded-up windows, and there are vacant lots strewn with litter and overgrown with weeds.
      • Being a girl, my only option was playing with the boys on vacant lots and in the street.
      • We see them growing voluntarily in sand dunes and vacant lots, anywhere from two feet to five.
      • During the mapping, team members paid close attention to garbage in the streets, vacant lots, and alleys.
      • The government town of Moonta was surveyed in 1863 and town lots offered for sale in April of that year.
      • The new homes sit uneasily just blocks from row upon row of abandoned houses and garbage-strewn vacant lots.
      • Very few villagers own lots of land large enough to be able to make a profit from selling their crops in the market.
      • Work on the lots near the stadium would begin this summer and could be completed by fall.

    • 4.2US

  • 5

    • 5.1(for random choice)

      to draw / cast lots for sth echar algo a suertes
      • we'll have to draw / cast lots vamos a tener que echarlo a suertes

    • 5.2(fate)

      suerte feminine
      you can't complain about your lot no te puedes quejar de tu suerte / de lo que te ha tocado en suerte
      • If the woman is maimed for life and is saddled with the other responsibilities, her lot is worse.
      • The more detailed knowledge we can build up, the better our chance of improving the lot of this lovely bird.
      • She often felt like she had been punished for a reason and that punishment was her lot in life.
      • Either one is for improving the lot of the majority, in which case one should say so, or one isn't.
      • Making a crime of writing about sex is not going to improve the lot of young people in this country one whit.
      • Global capitalism has been good at improving the lot of the wealthy, less good for others.
      • Is it not natural for parents to want to improve the lot of their children?
      • This book should forever lay to rest the idea that enslaved African Americans were generally contented with their lot.
      • He had witnessed many enthusiasts like us, a few improving the lot of the tribal villagers but most failing.
      • She is actually very happy and content with her lot!
      • With that level of investment even a fool could improve the lot of the NHS.
      • No one likes to hear someone constantly whining about their lot in life.
      • He seems not to understand that it is natural for folk to want to see the lot of their children improve from what it was for them.
      • This stupendous sum has failed spectacularly to improve the lot of its intended beneficiaries.
      • What all Zambians should realise is that only they can improve the lot of their country.
      • Education chiefs are making a new bid to help improve the lot of the borough's most vulnerable children.
      • This should help to curb the influence of criminals, and improve the lot of those working in it.
      • She worked full time as a weaver to put food on the table and cared for three of us without lamenting her lot.
      • The challenge is nothing less than how to save the planet while improving the lot of the six billion plus people who live on it.
      • While this was true, the unions never fought to improve the lot of the Islanders.