Translation of loud in Spanish:


fuerte, adj.

Pronunciation /laʊd//laʊd/

adjectiveloudest, louder

  • 1

    (applause/noise/scream) fuerte
    he has a very loud voice tiene una voz muy fuerte / un verdadero vozarrón
    • he said it in a loud voice lo dijo en voz alta
    • a bit louder, please un poco más alto / más fuerte, por favor
    • I could hear loud laughs oía risotadas / risas muy fuertes
    • one of the loudest rock bands uno de los grupos de rock que meten más ruido
    • Suddenly, there were quite a few very loud bangs on the door.
    • "There was a big roll of thunder and a very, very loud bang.
    • Stress-induced destructive behavior may also result from a phobia to thunderstorms or other loud noises.
    • His footsteps made loud thuds as he walked around the kitchen's ceramic floor.
    • Most municipalities also have laws to deal with hearing hazards such as car alarms, loud music and construction noise.
    • Gales of wind rapped against the windows, making extremely loud noises.
    • For a few moments there was an awkward silence, only tainted by the loud music and screaming voices coming from the other rooms.
    • Science is showing that these booming sounds and other loud noises are harming and even killing marine life.
    • She reports that during the intervening period, she began to hear an uncomfortable noise, a loud ringing or buzzing.
    • Suddenly she heard a loud noise similar to thunder.
    • Last week she stayed put in her room, while the clatter of spoons and dishes, the noise of loud music and the drone of air coolers from the ground floor below made her restless.
    • There was a loud banging at the door, it sounded like the cops.
    • It was a small house, but boomed with loud music and voices.
    • He opened his mouth to answer but was cut short by a loud booming noise.
    • This is a well done sound mix that utilizes the front and rear speakers often, though it's mostly with background noises and loud music.
    • He was amazed at how the voice carried over the pounding music and loud voices, until he saw who it was.
    • There was a loud booming noise that sounded like a gas tank exploding in the condo unit below.
    • A cranky old man who scolds children for making noise violates with his loud voice the very quietness he upholds.
    • Harsh voices followed after the loud noise and Gabrielle quickly, fearfully pulled her shoes back on and unlocked her stall.
    • As you walk into the space there is the loud noise of undifferentiated voices.
  • 2

    (protests/complaints) enérgico
    the minister came in for loud criticism el ministro recibió duras críticas
    • Pensioners were close to being thrown out of County Hall for their loud protests against plans to privatise care homes.
    • Martina had been stereotyped as the tough one, sporty, strong and loud.
    • The Employees Union organized scores of small but loud protests around the province.
    • Safe to say we won't see that, although I'm sure there will be some very loud protests by both Parties in the near future.
    • Mathis takes her hand again, despite sudden loud and energetic protests on Morgan's part.
    • Finally they left the chamber, voicing loud protest.
    • Unsurprisingly loud protests by veterans of the uprising blocked it.
    • But in the eighteenth century, despite loud protests from the privileged urban guilds, the trickle became a flood.
    • The rise in interest rates in the first week of March was the second in four months and brought loud protests from politicians.
    • If Peter were alive today, would I be so loud and insistent in demanding he step down?
    • However loud protests have been heard from the churches and organisations or individuals close to them.
    • She motioned for them to exit, but there were loud protests from the three girls.
    • It was a loud protest, and I held my placard high and proud, walking with some people who I knew merely from protests.
    • The film drew loud protests when it was being shot in Guinea due to the same-sex relationship which formed the story's basis.
    • My mother named him after ‘Bagheera’ in Disney's The Jungle Book, with loud protests from my dad.
    • Emily heard Adam repeat this to Jake and heard loud protests from him.
    • Ignoring the loud protests he shielded his face with an arm and burst into the burning hut.
    • He started walking, apparently ignoring Ron's loud, angry protests, incoherent from within the shop.
    • While a U.S. consultant has never been killed, there have been loud protests and death threats against some.
  • 3

    (color) llamativo
    (color) chillón
    (pattern) llamativo
    • I'm not saying children's entertainment has to be loud, flashy, and percussive - far from it.
    • On it was a photograph of an older man dressed in a loud red plaid suit, gesturing with his thumb up.
    • I noticed he was dressed in formality that night, forgoing his wonted loud, showy colors I normally saw him in.
    • He's not loud and flashy, and he doesn't call a lot of attention to himself.
    • The loud, the abusive, the vulgar have demolished the restraints and the manners which heretofore governed public discourse.
    • In Britain, the movie has been ripped apart by critics as ‘too loud and garish’.
    • The Beating Bowel Cancer charity is asking men to wear loud, flamboyant ties and women to wear weird and wonderful scarves or ties in exchange for making donations.
    • In very loud and vulgar, descriptive terms, I told him what exactly he could do with his encore.
    • One MI5 officer who was supposed to be running agents against the KGB ‘favoured rather loud tweed suits and a monocle’.
    • Terry, a big man in a rather loud suit, is openly debating whether to sign up now.
    • The patterning is loud and garish but totally aesthetic, and functions as much as designer camouflage as an integrating device.
    • Charlene was acting differently to how she acted at school, she was being loud and vulgar, speaking her mind on anything and everything.
    • Picture the scene: scores of wiseguys in muscle shirts, women with big hair and spiked heels and men in loud suits who should be carrying machine guns.
    • The dining-room, opposite, was equally loud and gaudy - mirrors everywhere, and a vast chandelier over the dining room table.
    • This is more like early Almodóvar, outrageous, flashy fun, often with screamingly loud colour schemes, but a bit hard to get involved in.
    • Going out in public with him is uncomfortable because his clothes are sometimes loud, garish, or out of style.
    • He was smiling and waving at the onlookers, wearing a shabby business suit with an exceptionally loud tie.
    • He was a big part of the social scene, was involved in society races at the yacht club, and lived in an ostentatious, loud manner replete with several bodyguards.
    • ‘Soft greens, creams and blues are much more effective than loud, strong colours,’ is his advice.
    • Recently turned 50, John had his birthday presents to show off - a characteristically loud tartan suit and a beautiful shiny steel mandolin.
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adverbloudest, louder

  • 1

    (speak) alto
    she laughed (the) loudest of all fue la que se rió más fuerte / con más ganas
    • he always turns the TV up too loud siempre pone la televisión demasiado alta / fuerte
    • Citizens, visitors and businesses complained loud and long.
    • No matter how loud he shouted no one seemed to hear him.
    • I shouted so loud I was sure the whole town could hear me.
    • From now on we'll be shouting loud and clear on your behalf and demanding to know who these people are.
    • I shall say this loud and clear then: I am not anonymous!
    • Starting out with breakneck speed and the chaos it inspired, they played hard and loud with an abrasive, trebly sound that went straight for your jaw muscles.
    • I think I wanted to remind myself and anyone who might be reading this to hold on to what you believe in no matter how loud the other kids are shouting.
    • ‘I was with one guy who was screaming so loud it was scary,’ laughs one woman.
    • I am new to Linux, so please don't laugh too loud at my question.
    • Of course, it's not easy to tackle persistent offending, but authoritarianism will never work - no matter how loud our politicians shout.
    • But I do not recommend singing it too loud if your windows are open.
    • "Come with me, " she whispered barely loud enough to hear.
    • I yelled loud enough to wake the dead.
    • The volume of the chatter grew so loud it woke me.
    • He stood up and shouted out loud enough for everyone in the place to hear.
    • As I flew away I heard his laughter, it rang so loud and clear.
    • Going faster and faster she held her head and screamed loud enough to wake the dead.
    • In fact my little boy is shouting so loud for me that the race commentator mentioned him a few times, and is getting lots of laughs out of the spectators.