Translation of lovelorn in Spanish:


perdidamente enamorado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈləvˌlɔrn//ˈlʌvlɔːn/


literary, humorous

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    perdidamente enamorado
    • I'm sure that I'm sounding like either a pathetic lovelorn teenager or a sad bitter queen.
    • Most letters come from lovelorn adolescents, but the club also boasts a professional counsellor, who deals with the more difficult problems.
    • It was to help lovelorn farmers that, two years ago, Country Living magazine launched its free matchmaking service.
    • There are two poor lovelorn souls here who don't fit in.
    • For me the impact of these intensely personal songs, which would once have been crooned by a solitary lovelorn pin-up, gets laughably undermined when they are sung by what amounts to a choir.
    • Forget dating agencies and lonely hearts ads, though - the lovelorn lass turned to Britain's new Freedom of Information Act to try to bag an arresting bachelor.
    • Thus even as a lovelorn romantic, I was already a bit of a tart.
    • The entire poem is an appeal by a lovelorn woman to a cloud, which she urges to take her message to her beloved.
    • There's another great newspaper headline in there about how an electrical repair sparked romance for the lovelorn star.
    • Claire Danes beguiles as a lovelorn young woman in Shopgirl.
    • Jesus Corrales portrays the lovelorn Romeo with passion, sinking daggers into the heart of anybody in the audience with the slightest romantic sensibility.
    • From what I remember of Crush, it was a show where lovelorn young men were assisted in tracking down some long lost ‘crush’.
    • Her murals include a bewitching lovelorn village belle sitting near a pond with a lotus flower in her hand.
    • John and his equally lovelorn buddy Oscar decide to cruise a local singles bar, where the more mature clientele are reputed to be easy pickings for a pair of young lads such as themselves.
    • So is he ready for the swarms of American lovelorn ladies lusting for love, rushing to catch a glimpse of his good looks or snare him for good?
    • Film roles include the part of the lovelorn Mark in Love Actually.
    • And in the twilight of their youth, this bleakest enlightening is, for a pair lovelorn and wretched, their single and final solace.
    • Her only friend in this heartless, Ivy League town is a lovelorn manicurist who has problems of her own, yet takes pity on the extraordinarily rich Bel-Air girl.
    • The pair attracted their prey - lovelorn war widows - by placing personal ads in local newspapers in which Ray would describe himself as a sexy Latin lover.
    • He was a lovelorn twit, always chasing after some impossible girl, with more need for than understanding of the female sex.