Translation of lover in Spanish:


amante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈləvər//ˈlʌvə/


  • 1

    (partner in love)
    amante feminine
    to take a lover echarse un/una amante informal
    • lovers' lane callejón de los enamorados
    • Pilgrims come to pray for lovers, to keep their lovers, for children, or anything pretty much.
    • If a husband catches his wife's lover in a wardrobe, can he kill him?
    • He claims he is able to compartmentalize his relationships with on and off-screen lovers.
    • Other poems deal with the grief of losing a lover, and the love of a father for his child.
    • Furthermore, he vowed that he would discover the identity of his wife's lover.
    • In the end, she reconciles her new amour with her personal philosophy of maintaining two lovers.
    • The two of them quickly pair off and start swapping sexual secrets and tales of past lovers.
    • One is married, unwilling to take the risk of leaving the security of an exhausted marriage to be with her lover.
    • She had a succession of lovers before falling in love for the first time.
    • The two plays focus on a woman who rejects a marriage proposal and is attacked by the jilted lover.
    • She's going to see her parents to tell them she's moving out to stay with her lesbian lover.
    • He falls in love with her, but she becomes like a prostitute and starts taking other lovers.
    • It is not at all clear what motivated her in her relations with her lovers.
    • Here the sensuous wooing of the traditional lover is replaced by a display of coy and squeamish chastity.
    • She is my lover, my mistress, and she has betrayed me in the worst possible way.
    • The lover wants his beloved to devote to him her preferences, her gestures, her caresses.
    • My lover and Marcus are waiting outside the club, but Nathan's gang are in the park.
    • But his biggest problem could still be his former lover.
    • As he took her to a tavern in York, Nance explained that she had left her lover, a married highwayman.
    • Her best friend is her husband's former lover.
  • 2

    lover of sth amante de algo masculine
    • he's a lover of fine food es un amante de la buena mesa
    • I'm no animal lover no me gustan los animales
    • music-lovers los aficionados a / los amantes de la música
    • But the City wants to find jazz lovers another home.
    • Bird lovers may be able to view the peregrine chicks hatch during a half-day session in June.
    • I think the easiest way to sum it up would be, I'm a lover of acoustic music, I always have been.
    • Today, music lovers do not have to attend a religious festival to enjoy a little wine with their music.
    • They're among some 35,000 nature lovers who have participated in this 30-year-old program.
    • From the start the festival has proved a popular draw with jazz lovers by offering good music, mostly for free.
    • He was a great lover of Irish music and song and often recited on special occasions.
    • The show attracted not only ardent dog lovers but curious onlookers too who possessed little knowledge about the dogs.
    • He was a great lover of music, animals, and country life and enjoyed tennis and golf.
    • And, as usual, entry to this book lover's paradise would be absolutely free.
    • The very name evokes a sense of awe in film lovers around the globe.
    • Now she hopes other bird lovers will not be placed in the same situation.
    • So, how do other wine lovers get their hands on special bottles of wine when you can't?
    • This is still a low time for fruit lovers, but the first hard little gooseberries should be here by the very end of the month.
    • The first category comprised young music lovers between the age of eight and 15.
    • The young art lovers are quite put out when particular paintings get taken down.
    • Michael, never a passionate animal lover, turned his gaze to his mother and raised an eyebrow accusingly.
    • Our World Cup campaign is positioned to connect with cricket lovers across the country.
    • However, being a pet lover does not mean you have to be extravagant.
    • Years later when I met other book lovers, I heard the same thing.