Translation of lovesick in Spanish:


enfermo de amor, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈləvˌsɪk//ˈlʌvsɪk/


  • 1

    enfermo de amor
    perdidamente enamorado
    locamente enamorado
    • Will only recently found out that he had not been able to stomach his older siblings as of late; both of them were lovesick fools.
    • She was grateful that no one was there at that moment, for usually it was packed with lovesick couples talking to each other after class.
    • I'm surrounded by lovesick fools, making puppy dog eyes at each other.
    • Just hearing his voice was making me feel all dopey and lovesick.
    • That would require regressing back to the spineless, lovesick blind man he'd been during the relationship.
    • I was just a boy, a sixteen-year-old boy, lovesick for almost the first time with a girl, a girl with some problems.
    • Her feelings were enough to deal with, but hearing him babble like a lovesick teenager pushed her way over the edge.
    • Charlotte sighed, apparently giving him up as a lovesick fool.
    • She had seen teenage movies of lovesick teenagers and she definitely did not want to end up like that, crying all the time over some guy.
    • The two of you will act like lovesick teenagers, and ramble towards the car, where I will be waiting for you.
    • I drew hearts all over my paper like a lovesick, pre-teen girl.
    • But it doesn't matter, because you'll go running back to her no matter what, like the lost lovesick puppy that you are.
    • I whispered to myself as a lovesick middle schooler would do.
    • I examined the poster, wondering if I would ever have my face plastered all over the rooms of football fans and lovesick girls.
    • I wanted to sigh like some lovesick schoolgirl.
    • Yet, there he was, dreaming away like a lovesick prepubescent girl.
    • I didn't want to hurt the guys because of my girly lovesick emotions.
    • It was almost like none of this had happened, like we were those two lovesick teenagers escaping to their favorite place all over again.
    • I loved him before he was my teacher, I'm not some stupid girl who's just lovesick over a cute teacher, this is different.
    • But I didn't wanna seem like a lovesick fool or something, cause I really wasn't.