Translation of lovey-dovey in Spanish:


acaramelado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌləviˈdəvi//lʌvɪˈdʌvi//ˈlʌvɪˌdʌvi/


informal, derogatory

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    acaramelado informal derogatory
    • Don't think you're going to get a warm response from her if you try to get lovey-dovey with her.
    • A young couple was in there acting lovey-dovey, obviously imitating what they just saw: Jean and Ollie kissing.
    • We are not a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely family, and I wouldn't want us to be.
    • Of course, sometimes we may not even want to hear about the happy, lovey-dovey couples because we're feeling romantically unlucky or lovelorn ourselves.
    • After a nightmare week in Thailand with my ex, which she spent giving me the silent treatment, I had sworn to steer clear of lovey-dovey couples' holidays for good.
    • Aren't we a bit too old for this lovey-dovey thing?
    • I'd expected you to be one of those people who turns all lovey-dovey after sex.
    • He'll give you a red rose and a lovey-dovey poem he wrote.
    • As couples, we have spent so much time together and are so familiar with each other - warts and all, and the warts take precedence - that we are unable to rekindle being lovey-dovey feeling.
    • I want all the lovey-dovey romantic feelings and things you feel for her!
    • Both of them were her best friends but watching lovey-dovey scenes between the two was a vomit-inducing phenomenon for her.
    • We'll just go and sit in the corner like idiots while you two say a horrendously long lovey-dovey goodbye.
    • A lovey-dovey couple whispering sweet nothings amidst nature's breathtaking splendour, besides a couple of glass paintings are other brilliant pieces created by the young and upcoming artist.
    • In today's episode, Willie and Nellie use a ‘talking machine’ to record Laura saying lovey-dovey things about the new boy, Jason.
    • He had never quite seen this lovey-dovey side of his brother before.
    • You can't be thinking about lovey-dovey stuff when there's that level of jeopardy involved.
    • I told him I didn't love him in the lovey-dovey sort of way.
    • And there's no denying that her mother is distant and selfish… though Becca figures it's better than having some lovey-dovey, in-your-face, nagging parent.
    • Once she walked into the very ‘high-nosed’ restaurant, Paige spotted her father, who was fifty years old at the time, being lovey-dovey with his twenty-four year old wife.
    • I don't know about you, but I could do without all the lovey-dovey stuff going on between our parents.