Translation of low-carb in Spanish:


bajo en carbohidrátos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈləʊkɑːb//ˈləʊkɑːrb/



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    (diet/food) bajo en carbohidrátos
    (diet/food) bajo en hidrátos de carbono
    • Once you find a low-carb whey product you like, you can build everything else around it.
    • Men are sure to be among the consumers gobbling up the many new low-carb yogurt offerings as well.
    • The low-carb plans mostly go after that extra weight around the waistline.
    • After two weeks, the low-carb plan yielded a stunning 12 pounds of lost weight for each of them.
    • It's also one of the few products in which the price of both the original and low-carb versions are comparable.
    • Try as they might, they couldn't stick with the restrictions of low-carb dieting.
    • And most of the low-carb pastas we tried looked very much like the real thing.
    • Pour yourself a tall glass of low-carb OJ, America, and wash down that bacon and fried eggs.
    • What I do love is low-carb cranberry juice, and I'll add some seltzer water to it.
    • Operators are doing themselves a major disservice if they think the low-carb trend is going to go away.
    • However, while many people are on a low-carb diet and are avoiding bread, I'm trying to make bread.
    • The proliferation of low-carb diets, however, hasn't seemed to affect spirits sales at all.
    • What about the low-carb milk and yogurt substitutes that are now available?
    • Farmers knew that in order for the low-carb potato to be a success, they would need more than a better potato.
    • On your way to the beach, grab some low-carb pretzels and sugar-free cookies made with almond flour.
    • You're aware that it's an inexact science, but you're still going to get a low-carb item for lunch.
    • In short, low-carb wines, spirits and beer are apparently not going to set the world on fire.
    • See the New Products section in this issue for more information on some of these new low-carb dairy products.
    • Just as sugar replaced fat in the old low-fat snacks, fat is replacing carbs in many low-carb products.
    • The key to the success of the low-carb diet is one simple rule: Avoid carbohydrates.