Translation of low-class in Spanish:


de mala muerte, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈloʊ ˈˌklæs/


  • 1

    (dive/joint) de mala muerte informal
    (clientele) de poca categoría
    (clientele) de baja estofa
    (clientele) con poca clase
    • The conventional Vietnamese wisdom was that certain foods were low-class, common food, even though these foods were nutritious.
    • He, in turn, gets engaged to a society girl, but Lucy puts a stop to that by pretending to be his low-class alcoholic sister.
    • I'm generally against laws that try to ensure that people don't act in a low-class way.
    • But you just can't get into the middle class today with a low-class education.
    • I go to the cheap markets and the expensive markets, I mix with low-class and high-class society.
    • Watching a movie at a low-class theater might be a boring experience for those not interested in the kind of film that showcases an abundance of nudity and sex.
    • About 80 percent of Taiwan thinks this job is low-class work and something only bad girls do.
    • But what really kept her mouth shut on the subject was the fear that he really was much more insightful than she would imagine a goofy, uncultured, low-class guy such as him to be.
    • Several rings adorned his hands, revealing that he was not as low-class as one might expect.
    • He starts a fight with the low-class tenants to draw the attention of the leading group of mobsters, the ‘Axe Gang,’ who descend on the slum in tuxedoes and top hats and wielding hatchets.
    • I can't imagine even the low-class school drop-outs saying that.
    • Just like that dead mayor of ours, she said that middle and low-class families would get a better life.
    • Chaucer sympathizes with her because he himself was considered low-class.
    • While it's considered to be low-class to own one, more people have them than they would admit.
    • Once considered the answer to America's affordable-housing void, the mobile home just can't escape its low-class, trailer-park stigma.
    • And he is completely in love with this village girl, who he can't marry because she's too low-class, plus he's also engaged to Rosaline.
    • They viewed my décor as low-class and childish, but being that it wasn't hurting anyone they let it be.
    • To some, the music is rude, low-class, and blatantly sexual and so could not possibly play any part in improving anyone's life.
    • I don't recognise the writer's description of would-be scientists as low-class artisans in grubby overalls, nor do I recognise the teaching as ‘elitist’.
    • She tells Harriet that when he marries, she won't be able to see Mr. Martin because his wife will likely be too low-class.