Translation of low-key in Spanish:


mesurado, adj.


Pronunciation /ˈloʊ ˈˌki//ləʊˈkiː/


  • 1

    (speech/tone) mesurado
    (speech/tone) medido
    (ceremony) sencillo
    (ceremony) discreto
    a low-key police presence una discreta presencia policial
    • These elections traditionally have been low-key affairs.
    • The celebrations are expected to be modest and low-key, a reflection of the falling economic fortunes of the territory.
    • It was such a low-key affair that even the bride didn't know.
    • After glittering premieres in London and Leeds, this was a much more low-key affair as the cinema only seats 250 people, so invitations were strictly limited.
    • The Saints have finished as runners-up, a position they were assured of before this match was played, so the contest was a low-keyed affair.
    • Then again, maybe it won't… today's launch is very much a low-key affair.
    • I thought they liked to keep commentary a low-key affair in Mexico, Jim?
    • The transfer, which gives Iraqis official control over their own destiny once again, was a low-key affair, taking place here in the presence of just a few dozen people.
    • There definitely is some virtue in keeping the affair low-key, in not raising the level of expectation, for in case of failure, nobody accuses you of bragging.
    • During the communist era, Christmas in Budapest was a low-key affair, often celebrated clandestinely.
    • We are trying to home in on the talent, focus on the best stories, and we try to be low-key and modest about our role.
    • I, for one, am quite ready for a pleasingly intimate and low-key affair.
    • If the news conference to announce the clash was anything to go by, it could be a low-key affair.
    • Instead it can offer a relaxed and low-key environment that feels like it isn't trying too hard.
    • But those who expect a low-key industry affair will be in for a surprise.
    • This giant of a man was intellectual, soft-spoken, reserved, yet dedicated; he exuded a low-key intensity.
    • It's in keeping with her wish to make this event a low-key affair.
    • On the contrary, it was clear that they enjoyed a modest, low-key life-style.
    • Burley preached possession but his low-key, modest personality encouraged supporters to give others the credit.
    • Given who we are, our national day should be laid-back, low-key, and - yes - ambivalent about our progress.