Translation of low-profile in Spanish:


poco prominente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌləʊˈprəʊfaɪl/


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    poco prominente
    they kept the meeting low-profile le dieron poca publicidad a la reunión
    • A low-profile move in the House of Lords to amend the Political Parties and Elections Bill would lift the little known historical bar on certain members of the clergy taking seats in the House of Commons.
    • We may send in some, but one of the principles on which we've conducted the campaign up until now has been to try to keep the American presence as low-profile as possible.
    • Accordingly, the higher-profile public speeches in the Fleet Center have continued to sound skeptical themes, while the free-trade message has been delivered to elite audiences at low-profile events.
    • But in truth, I managed to stay safe by slipping below the radar screen, so to speak, blending in with the Iraqi people, sometimes disguising myself, keeping as low-profile as presence as possible.
    • We are a small village; people here are low-profile and kindhearted.
    • He and his mother have been running a bizarre low-profile campaign.
    • In terms of leading a political life, she's doing the absolute best thing for herself by keeping on as a surprisingly low-profile junior senator.
    • After seven months as a mostly low-profile attorney general, he re-emerged as a pugnacious, crusading politician, fully in keeping with his past as one of the Senate's most passionately conservative members.
    • Don't let the low-profile marketing campaign fool you: this is a very good film, and it heralds an emerging directorial talent.
    • There are a lot of self-help groups out there that are very low-profile.
    • I prefer what I like to call ‘stealth camping’ - wander a mile or two beyond the crowded campground, establish a low-profile campsite, and sleep under a tarp.
    • But now a low-profile project in South Lanarkshire which puts its ‘recruits’ through a rigorous, soul - searching regime said to be tougher than any prison has been praised for its work with young offenders.
    • We are very low-profile people - in any community, anywhere we blend.
    • They have stayed stubbornly low-profile despite their high-flying husbands.
    • He is by nature much more low-profile.
    • In spite of China's opposition to the use of force to disarm Iraq, the country has taken a low-profile approach on the Iraq issue and has tried to avoid conflict with the US.
    • According to her, possible security threats against Australians could have been dampened if Canberra had taken a low-profile stance with regard to the U.S.-led campaign against global terrorism.
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    Motor vehicles
    low-profile tire neumático de perfil bajo masculine
    • A real muscle-rippler, the feisty SRi gives the Corsa's wide, squat stance a street-hugging look, with 15-inch seven-spoke alloy wheels and low-profile tyres.
    • A 0-62 mph time of 8.6sec might not sound ferocious but it feels a whole load of fun, although the sports suspension and low-profile tyres will have your fillings rattling on all but the smoothest roads.
    • The test car, in Evolution trim, was fitted with wide, low-profile tyres but in this case, well-tuned suspension alleviated the usual harsh ride and the Michelin Pilot tyres gave very high levels of grip.
    • The car rides on low-profile tyres fitted to 17-inch alloy wheels, while essential braking performance is aided by larger-diameter brake discs, front and back.
    • Even when running on the standard low-profile 20-inch high-speed tyres (with normal pressure reduced by half), the Turbo S is capable of very impressive acts of off-road tomfoolery.
    • Sold as commodities and installed in the darkest underbody reaches, brakes traditionally played last fiddle to stylish alloy wheels, low-profile radials and electronic shock absorbers.
    • So the springs and dampers are made firmer, the body sits 1.2in lower and the wheels become hefty 18 in items, with wide, low-profile tyres.
    • Shoe-horn a 3.2 litre V6 into one of motoring's sexiest bodies, add a slick six-speed gear box to transmit the power to the very fat, low-profile Bridgestone tyres and voila.
    • It rides on 21-inch, low-profile performance tyres fitted to aluminium wheels cast with five bold, Y-tipped spokes.
    • Volvo's head office disagrees and says it is just a feature of driving on low-profile tyres.
    • To really get the most out of one of these, give the engine a free-flow inlet and exhaust system, go one inch larger and wider in the wheels and return to the same rolling diameter with some wide low-profile rubber, and you have a rocketship!
    • Sportiness is achieved, and it even has a reasonable ride despite 17 in wheels and very low-profile tyres.
    • The Askham Lane speed humps were, and still are, always in need of repair and, as the outer sloping walls of the humps become pitted and damaged, they can cut away the inside wall of tyres, especially low-profile tyres.