Translation of low-rise in Spanish:


de poca altura, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈloʊraɪz//ˌləʊˈrʌɪz/


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    de poca altura
    • People waded across roads in chest-high water in front of their shops and low-rise apartments.
    • An estimated 14,500 employees will occupy 4 million square feet of office space in 17 low-rise brick buildings on the 200-acre campus.
    • An hour-and-a-half away by train and then taxi, the rural hamlet is accessible only by dirt roads that are lined with low-rise houses, vegetable patches and wild-looking dogs.
    • Cited for improvements at the block scale is a section of Bethesda, Maryland that had been characterized by underused shops, low-rise office buildings, and surface parking lots.
    • There will be fewer than 100 low-rise houses measuring more than 2,000 square feet each.
    • Most visitors stay in the few miles of low-rise hotels which stretches along part of the east coast.
    • Behind the front line of low-rise hotels and apartments is what feels like a mountain town that has slipped down to the coast.
    • The shop sits between a cluster of low-rise shops, restaurants and cafés a few blocks from the Royal York subway station.
    • But these low-rise structures didn't use up the density rights that the developers prized, so the decision was made to stick in 23 new apartment towers, each averaging 30 storeys.
    • We cruised through a town of cement low-rise hotels, with glimpses of deep rocky valleys behind.
    • The development supports Correa's theory that low-rise architecture and high-density planning are not contradictory approaches to housing.
    • There are no big resorts, and the new residential developments will be small-scale, low-rise and traditional.
    • Less publicized trends are visible in the realm of low-rise multifamily residential architecture.
    • Each township will have several thousand residential units, with a mix of villas, row houses, low-rise and high-rise apartments.
    • If you are looking for something a little more restrained, San Augusta, just a few miles east, is largely given over to low-rise apartments aimed at an older clientele.
    • The Dutch media police occupy a bright, permeable, low-rise block on a woodland campus that could, at first glance, be mistaken for a fashionable gallery or some kind of cultural centre.
    • Composed of two low-rise red-brick buildings separated by a narrow alleyway, the industrial complex became redundant in 1990.
    • Habitat in St Marie has low-rise accommodation with air-conditioning, balconies, good food and service.
    • In Amsterdam, a 17th-century core of low-rise row houses nestles along the city's canals.
    • The ferry could stimulate the construction of new low-rise hotels and bed and breakfasts along the existing lines of the former runways.