Translation of low-water mark in Spanish:

low-water mark

línea de bajamar, n.

Pronunciation /loʊ ˈwɔdər///


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    línea de bajamar feminine
    • His intended mode of fishing is using two trawls pulled by a tractor along the low-water mark, which is where the shrimp are to be found.
    • It extends from the low-water mark eastward along the Queensland coast, to a point beyond the continental shelf.
    • The vessel was sunk in the middle of the river below the low-water mark.
    • Below the low-water mark, the pebbles become larger and kelp-covered.
    • Bedding dips gently to the east near the low-water mark and becomes steeper, eventually vertical and overturned near the bounding fault at the high-water mark.
    • He said these were susceptible to a problem called ‘accelerated low-water corrosion’ which was corrosion around the low-water mark which could now be reinforced.
    • Located between the high- and low-water marks on the shore of the Shannon Estuary, it features a large tower built towards the end of the 15th century by the O'Connors of Kerry.
    • Bury it in the sand at the low-water mark, if you like.
    • We have to protect that strip of land that is from the high-water mark to the low-water mark.
    • I have not got jurisdiction on this case because there is not a body and my district terminates on the low-water mark.
    • The terrestrial boundary used, 3 km inland from the low-water mark, was sufficient to capture the majority of resource uses and concerns.