Translation of lower class in Spanish:

lower class

clase baja, n.

Pronunciation: ///ˌloʊər ˈklæs/


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    clase baja feminine
    • That is where the military gets its soldiers, from the economically underprivileged, badly educated lower class.
    • The lower class does the work and the upper class gets the recognition.
    • As an adult, the only way out of the lower class is more schooling or a big change in your life.
    • He was happy to tell me everything he knew about lower class being unfairly dismissed.
    • I'm so sorry for the gap between the middle class and the lower class.
    • The lower class is brewing bitter resentment against the rich.
    • Teenage smoking is a rite of passage for the lower class in Ireland.
    • Allow the rich to buy and get whatever they want, leaving many struggling middle and lower class Americans to pick up the balance.
    • In all this he equated crowds with the working and lower classes.
    • The society is made up of the wealthy upper class, the middle class, and the working or lower class.
    • You know, the middle class and the lower class, they're not confused about this issue.
    • It too utilized national sacrifice and national sentiment to justify social justice for the lower classes.
    • Come on, we are students, we're the lower class of the future, you might as well start demoralizing us now.
    • But all the projects are aimed at either the upper class, the middle class or lower class, there is nothing for the absolute poor.
    • Our textbook, does not spend as much time talking about the lower class as it does the middle class.
    • They are not supporting us and it's the lower class that suffers all the time.
    • During the nineteenth century, the suburb was transformed from a space for social outcasts and the lower classes to a space for the elite.
    • We need rules to help the upper class and control the lower class.
    • Living amongst the lower class of London all of the time had certainly made Cate much more adept at blending in.
    • He rises from the lower class and meets many adventures, but all the while, he remembers Estella.


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