Translation of lowland in Spanish:


tierras bajas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈloʊˌlænd//ˈləʊlənd//ˈloʊlənd/

plural noun

  • 1

    tierras bajas feminine
    (in tropical countries) tierras calientes feminine
    • But up in the mountains there are not these extensive areas of lowland tundra where all the birds and the musk oxen can live.
    • The study area is a fragmented landscape of lowland tropical rainforest surrounded by roads, cultivated fields and pasturelands.
    • It primarily grazes and rests on highland or lowland desert, semidesert or steppe.
    • The topography of Kerala could be divided into highland, midland and lowland areas.
    • The north-east of England is a land where uplands and lowlands meet, and are never far apart.
    • Both in the uplands and the lowlands insects continued to represent an astonishing diversity of forms.
    • It is believed that the hardest-hit areas will be on the mainland, especially the lowlands.
    • Alpine regions, lowland forests and wetlands all have characteristic species.
    • Greystones Farm is a site of special scientific interest, with lowland wet meadow in which orchids flourish.
    • Both uplands and lowlands possess a variety of soils.
    • Both tree species are common in primary and secondary forests, from uplands to lowlands.
    • The refuges were mainly areas of lowland rainforest that survived when savanna became more widely distributed in colder and drier episodes.
    • They often move into wooded lowlands in winter, but there is no consistent migration.
    • The Buddha was born in the Terai lowlands near the foothills of the Himalayas just inside the borders of modern-day Nepal.
    • It features everything from snow-capped mountains and river canyons to the lowlands of the Amazon basin.
    • In the summer, they breed on marshy, lowland tundra at the northern limits of the boreal forest.
    • Roughly made thonged sandals were worn only in lowland areas where the terrain was rocky.
    • To the west lie the Bordeaux lowlands and the Gironde Estuary, to the south the plains of Languedoc, and to the east the Rhône valley.
    • Rising sea levels for Tuvalu have created serious lowland flooding.
    • Compared with the surrounding terrain, Niamakoroni's lowlands are relatively lush.
  • 2

    the Lowlands (of Scotland) las tierras bajas


  • 1

    de las tierras bajas
    (in tropical countries) de tierra caliente
  • 2Lowland

    (in Scotland)
    de las tierras bajas
    de las Lowlands
    de los Lowlands